The space version of the god of thunder in the series "What if"

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Now we will talk about a character named Thor. His real name is Thor Odinson. All actions take place in the Universe 717. Also, the actions began to take place in Asgard, which is located in the Universe 717. It all started when Galactus (717) arrived in Asgard to eat it. After some time, Thor ordered the mighty warriors of Asgard to divert the attention of Galan so that they would gain time for Odinson. When the main character tried to destroy the machine of Galactus (717), he was stopped by Loki (717). After a conversation, Thor notices that Herald of Galactus (717) kills Lady Seth (717). Immediately after this, Odinson attacks Herald Galactus. A fight ensued, during which the main character kills Herald Galactus. After some time, Galactus offers Thor to become his new Herald, and in return Asgard continued to live. Odinson agrees and throws his hammer on the ground. Immediately after, Galan empowers the protagonist with cosmic power, with the result that Thor becomes the new Herald. After some time, Odinson began to look for planets to feed Galactus. A few years later, Munin (717) flies to Galan and the main character, who informs Thor that Odin (717) is dead, and the walls of Asgard turned into ruins. Immediately after this, Odinson asks Galactus to let him go to Asgard. Galan permits, but also says that he will later arrive in Asgard and eat it. Arriving in Asgard, the protagonist notices that Asgard is destroyed. It turned out that Asgard was destroyed by Loki and the Ice Giants (717). It also turned out that the arrival of Galactus in Asgard was planned by Loki. Immediately after this, Thor attacks Loki and the Ice Giants. A battle ensued, during which Odinson, raising his hammer and gaining his strength, kills the Ice Giants. Finding the mighty warriors of Asgard, the main character ordered them to move to Earth 717. They did so. Immediately after this, Thor kills Loki and again becomes the new Herald of Galactus. After some time, Galan eats Asgard.
Odinson has:

  • divine power
  • energy absorption
  • increased intelligence
  • manipulation of tremendous energy
  • superhuman speed
  • manipulation of matter
  • divine stamina
  • invulnerability
  • superhuman resilience
  • flight speed
  • superhuman dexterity
  • cosmic feelings
  • weather control
  • space self-support
  • superhuman longevity
  • immortality
  • superhuman dense fabric
  • quick healing factor
  • super-breathing
  • flight
  • multilingualism
  • immune to telepathy
  • diplomatic immunity
    Also, the main character is a master of martial arts.
    Thor's strength level is above the class limit of 100.
    Odinson's equipment is his hammer.
    I hope you will enjoy.

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