Unknown symbiote carrier in the series "Absolute Carnage"

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Today we will talk about a character named Symbiote Spiderman. His real name is Leonard "Len" Elkhart. All actions take place on the original Earth 616. Leonard was a judge from Illinois who went to Manhattan for a short vacation after a divorce from his wife, named Lorraine. It all started when Len first noticed the Symbiote Spiderman (Peter Parker) flying over him. After 2 days, Elkhart first noticed Thor, who was signing autographs for children. After 3 days, the protagonist first sees Doctor Strange flying over him. After 4 days, Leonard passed the Baxter Building. Having lunch at a nearby diner, Len first spotted Captain America (Steve Rogers), who also had lunch. After that, Elkhart quickly got used to the city in which the heroes and villains live. After some time, the symbiote Venom unexpectedly connects to the main character. So there was a Symbiote Spiderman. A few days later, Leonard defeats several robbers and criminals. Some time later, Len unsuccessfully lands near the apartment of Spiderman (Peter Parker). Immediately after this, the symbiote separates from Elkhart, erasing the memory of himself and leaving his "code" in his spine. As a result, the main character ceases to be a Symbiote Spiderman. Waking up, Leonard thought that something was wrong with his health. After some time, Len decides to return back to Illinois. Returning to Illinois and talking with his friend, who is a doctor, he tells Elkhard that his health is normal. Leaving the hospital, the protagonist meets his son, named Daniel "Dan" Elkhart. Going to the nearest diner, Leonard and Daniel notice that Lorina Dodson, also known as the White Rabbit, brutally beats up two workers and one policeman. Also, Len and Dan notice that the police are arresting Lorina. Arriving at the courthouse, the protagonist began to judge Dodson. After the trial, Leonard sends the White Rabbit to prison. Approaching his home, Len and Daniel meet Lorin. When Dodson, using a comic gun, she greatly scared the protagonist and caused Dan to have a heart attack. Right after that, Leonard called an ambulance. When the White Rabbit tried to help Len save Daniel using her electro-gloves, she failed. When the ambulance and the police arrived, Dan died in front of the main character, and Lorina was arrested. During Daniel's funeral, Lorraine accused Leonard of Dan's death. Right after that, Len decides to kill Dodson. Arriving at the courthouse and taking with him a loaded plastic pistol, Elkhart sits down with the rest of the murder witnesses, as well as with other acquaintances. When the White Rabbit was tried, the main character tried to shoot her. As a result, Leonard manages to shoot not Lorin, but her accuser. When Dodson escapes on his huge white mechanical rabbit and tells Len that they look alike, Elkhart is sent to prison. Once in prison, the protagonist becomes a punching bag for most criminals who severely beat him. A few years later, Leonard, being at the hearing about the release of Len, he tells the people who are at the hearing about his “memory failure”, Daniel's death, White Rabbit and going to jail. When Elkhart was returned to his prison cell, the main character is visited by Lorin. After talking with Dodson, Cletus Kasady, also known as Carnage, comes to Leonard. During a conversation with Cletus, Len learns that he was once a Symbiote Spiderman (Leonard "Len" Elkhart). Right after that, the main character asks Kasady to kill him. Carnage agrees. It all ended with the fact that Cletus kills Leonard in front of Lorina, tearing out the spine and swallowing the codex.
Symbiote Spiderman has:

  • body storage
  • camouflage
  • shape change
  • symbiotic generation
  • copying the abilities of previous media
  • crawling on the walls
  • ability to shoot organic symbiotic cobwebs from one’s hands
  • brilliant intelligence
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman speed
  • superhuman stamina
  • superhuman longevity
  • superhuman dexterity
  • healing factor
  • enhanced immune system
  • superhuman balance
  • superhuman reflexes
  • spider sense
  • radio frequency detection
    The disadvantages of Len are grief and madness.
    Elcard equipment is a Venom symbiote.
    I hope you appreciate it.

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