Cafe Drawing day at the Beach: An Imagined Seal Friend

2년 전

Here is today's coffee shop drawing, but the "coffee shop" is our lovely beach.


It was far too warm (60 F) and the sky far too blue to go to a coffee shop to work this morning. Therefore, I took Monty and my cuppa and headed down to our beach. I'm lucky to live by the sea and spend a lot of time down here. The sun today just beckoned me.

In my coffeehouse drawings I have lately been inventing animal scenarios and I thought today should be no different. We are not lucky enough to get seals in our cove (although they say with seals you get sharks so mixed blessing) but today I imagined a lovely long sleek black water mammal friend to share his cup of coffee with Monty and me.

And you can see Monty is here, though he hasn't his own cup. Sometimes I do bring him his own cup, though, as he LOVES milk and will get so excited if you chant, "Monty want his Milk!" Odd folk, we animal lovers.


None of our Summer furniture is down here except an old Adirondack ( a plastic one) that somehow managed to not get put away last Winter, but is none the worse for wear. And was a happy place to sit amongst the dried salt hay and seaweed whilst sketching.


A wonderful "natural" coffee table to enjoy!


On my way back up from my morning sketch I had to get a shot of my cup amongst some of last year's treasures. I also have a tradition of our 'conch tree' where in I ask friends to hand a conch shell if they find one on the 'tree' on their way up from the beach.


Well, with all my to-doing still to do, I had to make time for my drawing today. I hope you enjoy it. I will be doing some dividers soon and will be making some special ones for @steemitbooks. I will probably make extra and some fun random ones to share with #creativecommons tag when I make them.

If you appreciate my work please feel free to upvote, resteem, and by all means comment.


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I envy you right now.......

Love the sketch too. :)

· :)

The seal drinking his AM coffee is quite cool. Very creative. And Monty is such a cute little guy. Love that he likes the beach, and his own cup even more. One day, the little peepers will be following you two down too... I hope to see it in photo one day.
Such a great place to hang out and draw. Nice view from the front lawn ( :


I owe the Stemmians a monty/chick post, but have been so out of sorts with this wretched car hunting/driving to train business. Once my schedule returns, I shall share some Monty chick love :)


Ah, the joys of daily life. I look forward to more of "As The Short, Chihuahua Chicken-Mother World Turns"


I'm so glad I took advantage of our good weather because we heard a noreaster was coming and it has hit and the rain is pounding the windows right now. It's going to be a 'stay inside weekend' for sure.

That spot looks like absolute idyll. So relaxing and nice drawing though! Alone with your thoughts and sounds of sea and nature. That can't be bad.
Have a nice day - @tonac :D


We are very lucky and I count my blessings believe me, but I always knew I'd live by the sea. I'm always so drawn to the water we were just 'meant' to be together :)


This is called dream comes true :D
Enjoy, you're very lucky. No 'city-stress' and noise.

Wonderful post @donnadavisart! I love the inks!


Thank you so much!

That's a brilliant coffee table, which open the soul and energize you!
Hey, I made my second oil painting, check it out!

Nice art


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