Fireflies... (Based On A Book By Dreemsteem)

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Sometimes, it's not that easy to find inspiration for a piece of work. At least, not for me. I tend to head towards science fiction, war, fantasy, or a combination of the three when I need a good muse. From books to video games, movies and more, I tend to be very visual. I see the scene in my head long before I start. Somewhere between the basic concept and my skill level cap, I get my finished work... for better or worse.

Over the last few weeks, long days of work and single father duties seemed to drain me of creativity. Then, I read a little short novella published on Steemit by @Dreemsteem

Actually, I read the first one, "Fireflies (Book One)" I didn't really know what to expect, but within just a few short paragraphs, I was all in! Dreemsteem can really pull a reader in with her story telling, just the right combination of hooks and mystery to keep you reading while her descriptions make the background come to life. And, since I'm a very visual person, this was a really good read for me. In fact, I'm already on the second book, "Fireflies: Pupa (Book 2)"

Links to both books can be found here: Fireflies: 1&2

Well, as luck would have it, the book inspired me to create this image,... and I finally got an idea for my weekly (or more) steemit post. I encourage you to have a look at Dreemsteem's books, they'd make a good TV series on the CW Network, just in case anyone with connections might be seeing this post. (Wink, wink,... nudge, nudge).

And, here it is, the weekly art breakdown of Fireflies:

I started in my old faithful DAZ Studio and set up the model. I wanted to have a deep contrast in light, but as usual, it ain't that easy. After a few hours of testing and playing, I finally got something I thought I could work with:



However, there were a few things to fix. The hair had bald spots and covered the ear wrong. The intense light I used created a shadow of hair on the forehead and under the eye due to the lashes.

To fix this, I removed the hair and lashes from the model to get a shadow free head and rendered the scene once more:


From here, I brought both of these images into my image editor, creating one image with two layers. I placed the bald image in back of the other, then erase the parts of the top image I didn't want, removing the shadows and hair issues by the ear. I then combined the two layers into one, and use the Clone Stamp Tool to fill in the hair gaps. After that, I played with the colour levels and created a black silhouette of the figure, blurred with gaussian, played with the opacity, and placed it behind the colour layer to pop the figure. I used midnight blue to colour the background as a base and then placed a "magic forest" image from Pixabay over that layer while playing with its opacity and blurring it for background use.


Once done, it was time to add the fireflies. I used several PS brushes, including space, dust, and sparkle that I picked up at from the Deviney collection. I chose a good old yellow colour for my brush and went to work:


And there you have it, another Dutybound special! Here is the full image after many hours of playing:


Hope you enjoyed the breakdown, and if you haven't already, be sure to check out the Fireflies series only on Steemit Fireflies: 1&2 by @Dreemsteem!

Thanks for looking, have a great day!

By the way, if you like awesome posters on metal, might want to check these out. You can use my link bellow, or just go to the site, whichever you prefer. They're pretty awesome, worth a look!

Also, a shout out for an addictive game! You can use my link here if you wish:!


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Well done.
I lvoe it
Of course, we all see Talia as different in our own minds, but you've captured her strong, confident side

What amazing artwork!


Thanks! it was fun to make, and now I'm working with Dreemsteem to one up it! lol. Glad you liked it!


You.... Blow me away. Seriously... From the beginning you have, and now??? My gosh

I would write more on this comment but I'm going to write an entire post talking about what you're doing and how I fell in love with your art...secretly hoping that I could find a way to ask you to design a book cover...

And surprise! Lololol

I never even had to ask..


I'm.just sitting here shaking my head.hehehhe

Ok...I'm in DM with you now for thr next steps; hehhehe and i was not supposed to get distracted and I did... Lol hahaha but in a good way to come see this!!!

But now my next task!

Finding that one image that made me first fall head over heels in love with your work hehehe. Brb!!!


Thanks for the awesome support! So glad you like the work, your story inspired it all! Can't wait to get that cover on the market so to speak. Really appreciate all the great comments, help, and time you put into new steemits like me. Its been a great experience all around!


its my pleasure! if more people would take the time to stop and help... this place would grow so strong! :)

but... its ok - we will just keep helping one person at a time and sticking together! :)

im also really excited to get the cover out there hehehehe

seriously bouncing up and down to see the final version! thank you for letting me share what's in my head and incorporating it into your beautiful work! im so loving where its going!!! :)


Well, you certainly put the time and care in. Can't go wrong there. As far as the artwork goes,... Client is always right! lol. It's not about me, its about you and the book,... Without good critiques and a thousand changes, the art never gets better,... and neither does the artist. I think we're well on the way to creating an image fitting of the book. Can't wait to see the final result..... as funny as that may sound. lol.


I can't wait either!!!!!!!!!

I'm seriously feeling like this is Christmas!!! This is so exciting for me :)

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Keep up the great work!


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Awesome! Thanks!

That's a great walk thru and terrific piece! I use Daz3D too and always enjoy looking at how other people work. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! Yup, I've been using DAZ for years. used to sell some products through there too. Some of the first military pose sets and a few texture sets. It's a great tool, and they keep getting better. Glad you like the work!

Very cool @dutybound! Nice creation!

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Thanks! Lot of work went into it, so I'm glad it turned out. lol.

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Thank you for explaining the whole process. This definitely took time to create and I hope more ppl visit and upvote before it reaches payout. It's deserving of much more. The version you presented @dreemsteem is amazing and very gracious of you.

Keep on creating, my friend.


Hes going to post the process for the new one.... And Im fairly certain he will get a nice payout on it 😏

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