I'm a beginner in picture editing.

4년 전

Photo editing is a whole new world to me, and I wish to learn enough of it to be able to 'create' wonderful new things from existing pieces !

Thought I could post my first edit here, and ask you guys for critique and advice.

So here we go, I did this one from a picture I found on the net a few years ago (on the left), loaded it into After Effects, and attempted some magic !

I love After Effects, explored this software for a few hours only.
Besides I feel that Photoshop would be a better tool, but I have no experience in it yet.

What do you think ?


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I think you did an amazing job. I have never heard of the program you used, but it looks amazing!

If you want some tips on how to use Photoshop I have a friend on here that loves to share his knowledge of the program. Check him out @essentials


Thanks alot ! I just checked it out, and I'm honestly impressed !

This looks really cool, the post could be better if you gave a more detailed list of what effects/filters/edits you used. Cheers!