Creating a fantastic glowing deer in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Part 2

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Final Result


Stage 2. Add a stone

Step 1:

Open an image with a stone and select it only with any selection tool - the author used the Polygonal Lasso Tool / Polygonal Lasso Tool [L].


Move selected stone to our main document and flip horizontally using the command Edit / Edit> Transform / Flip Horizontal / Flip Horizontally. Then translate the layer in the Smart Object / Smart Object.


Step 2:

In order to make the rock look better, you need to remove some of the upper parts. To do this, add a mask to the layer and use a black hard brush. Remember to preserve the structure of the stone.



Step 3:

On the layer with the stone, select the top part of the stone, right-click on the layer and select Layer via Copy from the menu that appears.


Now we take a layer with the selected, upper part of the stone and move it below the layer with a large stone and use the free transformation Ctrl + T and make it a little smaller.


Step 4:

Select a layer with a big stone and apply Filter> Blur> Blur> Gaussian Blur with the following settings.


Then select a layer mask and use a soft, black brush to wipe the middle part of the stone so that it looks separate, thereby creating a depth of field. The result on the mask and the picture you can see on the screenshots below.



Step 5:

Create a new layer and select the Clone Tool / Stamp Tool [S]. Use the tool to remove unwanted white spots on the stone.


Step 6:

Select all the layers with stones and the clone layer with unwanted stains removed and merge them into the Ctrl + G group. Change the mix mode for the band from Pass Through / Standard (Skip) to Normal 100%. Create a Curves Correction Layer / Curves inside the group and darken the stone, as shown in the screenshot below.


Choose a mask of the correction layer and using a black, soft brush, erase the upper part of the stone and some other details - we will add light to these parts.


Stage 3. Dimming the scene

Create a new Curves adjustment layer / Curves above all layers and adjust the curve as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 4. Adding a deer

Step 1:

Open the image with the deer, separate it from the background and place it on the stone in our document.


Add a mask to the layer and remove 2 small horns in the middle part - above the head of the deer.


Step 2:

Let's do some transformation horns. Go to Edit menu> Puppet Warp / Puppet Warp. Add points to the body and head of the deer, and then move the points on the horns to make them closer to each other.


Step 3:

Create a new layer (in clipping mask mode) by changing the blending mode to Overlay 100 / Overlapping 100% and filling to 50% gray.


Use the Dodge and Burn Tool [O] in Midtones / Mid Tones mode, with an Exposure value / Exposure with a value of 10–50% for correcting light and dark areas to deer. You can see how I did it on the screen. The first screen, as it looks in the blend mode Normal / Normal, the second screen mode Overlay / Overlap.


Step 4:

Create a new Color Balance adjustment layer in Clipping Mask mode with the following settings.



Step 5:

Add a Curves / Curves Correction Layer to make the deer darker.


Select a mask for the adjustment layer and use a black, soft brush to erase the dark areas, as they will be lit from the fire.


Step 6:

Create another Curves / Curves adjustment layer to reduce the contrast of the deer, especially in the lower part of its body.


Select a mask for the adjustment layer and use a black, soft brush to erase the rest of the deer, especially the horns - see the screen below.


Stage 5. Change the color and appearance of the eyes

Step 1:

Create a new Gradient Map / Gradient Correction Layer. Change the colors of the fill markers to # 061947 and # 5fb1f7 and change the layer blending mode to Soft Light 100 / Soft Light 100%.


Step 2:

Create a new layer. Change Foreground foreground color to # fd802d. Using a small, soft brush of this color paint the eyes of a deer to give his eyes a fiery look.


Double click on the layer and apply the Outer Glow / Outer Glow layer style by setting the color to # fd802d.



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