Burning the midnight oil with @null


Hi everyone, I thought I might include these in my previous post about Willem de Kooning but then I thought, "nah". It would make it too convoluted given how politically charged with feminism it is.


Happy Halloween everyone, I have a privilege to bring the driving force of my art classes in addition to my own work which makes me very happy! I hope you enjoyed Inktober this month, I certainly had a blast!


Nosferatu here also wishes you a joyful Halloween.


This is a lesser post for me inviting you to burn baby burn! My 50% beneficiary is @null
Keep on Steeming!

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Awesome pictures! But who is @null?


It falls in line with the aversion to self-upvoting with New Steem. If you are seen actively rooting for the price of Steem, it raises your Charisma points so to speak.


Oh, good to know I contributed to this effort by upvoting your post. :-)


So basically you are burning Steem in hopes of raising its value by sending to @null or making it a beneficiary. I was inspired by @aggroed, it’s the new way to shit post.


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