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Walking On Water Or is it Ice?

Eva Lewarne (2018)
acrylic on canvas
24in × 36in × 2in

"I am a Canadian artist born in Poland but living in Toronto for most of my life, a graduate of OCAD, with many exhibitions abroad and here and artwork in private collections and museums."

Time Left:10:42:03
Opening Bid:$800.00

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functional great art..
just outstanding concept.


Wonderful art and excellent work.
Thanks for sharing.

A very amazing painting thank you for sharing

This is really good. I think the price should be much more. He should get the right and value of art.

  ·  3년 전

WOW! I'm seeing a Candian artist on steemit. This is very first of your which Ive seen and this is really a master piece which depicts clearly that you are one of the greatest artist on earth.It's an outstanding and stunning art.

Nice art, i love the reflection on ice. Great work:)

you know that i am a painter and i know the tenor of art... i think it is very good... best of luck...

This picture is epic! The more you look at it - the more you see.

Pleasant craftsmanship, I adore the reflection on ice. Incredible work @ elewarne

It's a real art which I have seen today. You made my day ❤️❤️

#Upvoted and Resteemed

Amazing publication Thank you for sharing I appreciate your great effort.excellent art and painting,very good work,i love it

wow great art sir.outstanding perfomance

Amazing piece of art work and i hope you soon find the right buyer for this masterpiece.

I have no words to say that are unbelievable and professional work. keep it work. I am very glade after seeing your post.

wow....amazing art.i like this art,good job
clean and neat!
not to mention that the watercolor's well blended and applied
thank you for sharing

awesome art,,, no one cann't do much better than it easily,,,,

very impressive sharing. Thank you

wow....amazing art.i like this art,good job
clean and neat..thanks for sharing medam..

Such an amazing art eork my friend.cheers!

relay good art

That's great wow great artist you are :)

Wonderful it will be for those who will be able to grab it !

It's definitely a masterpiece, I like those bright, blue colors. Somehow that chair below makes this photo even more unusual and catchy :) Hope you will find a buyer soon!