there is no story...... only experience, in the NOW..!

2년 전

Sometimes there is just no story to be told...

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Only stuff to show, conversation to have, things to see.

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for years I'm trying to get my "OPINION" out of my system, it is EGO based, worth nothing.
"OPINION....": It keeps me in chains and shackles or in a prison of the mind of not being open and with prejudice.
this is not the way I choose to be, in the future or past...
I'm in the NOW, the everlasting NOW

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I can understand why a lot of people think their opinion is something, but it only is for that man or woman, with his or her history, everybody else has a different experience...


The centre of my universe is me....!!


How I choose to think for myself, is up to me, what others think...??? how could I ever have a clue?


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Psy think you will enjoy @illucifer's work.

Agree! we have to create our own experience to have an opinion of something, because the perspective of someone else won't be the same of ours.

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