Mask Bali, More Than Just Art

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Hello everyone... For the next, deep my post this time will take the theme of Mask Bali. As we know that the branches of art are numerous, and the definition of art itself can not be described with certainty and clear in words. So, I just know a bit about the art of the internet and want to share it with all of Steemian friends here. Follow me @ericksteem and we'll share it together

Art was originally a process of man, and is therefore a synonym of science. Today, art can be seen in the essence of the expression of human creativity. Art can also be interpreted with something created by humans that contain elements of beauty.

Art is very difficult to explain and also difficult to assess. That each individual artist selects his own rules and parameters that guide him or her work, it can still be said that art is the process and product of choosing the medium, and a set of rules for the use of that medium. There are several forms of definition of art that world figures say;

  • Alexander Baum Garton
    Art is beauty and art is a positive goal to make the audience feel in happiness.
  • Aristotle
    Art is a form of disclosure and its appearance never deviates from reality and that art is imitating nature.
  • Immanuel Kant
    Art is a dream because formula formula can not make a reality.
  • Ki Hajar Dewantara
    Art is the result of beauty so it can move the beautiful feelings of the people who see it, therefore the human acts that can influence can cause the beautiful feeling of art.
  • Leo Tolstoy
    Art is an expression of the creator's feelings conveyed to others so that they can feel what the painter feels.
  • Sudarmaji
    Art is all inner manifestation and aesthetic experience by using media fields, lines, colors, textures, volumes and dark light.

Mask Bali

Bali we know as an area that has diverse cultural arts and until now still remain sustainable. Among the spread of Balinese art, there is the art of mask. In art activities art masks can be classified into at least two disciplines, namely the performing arts, because he became an important attribute in a dance performance. In addition, in the process of making it, mask is of course included in sculpture.

The artwork of the mask of its existence may be the same as the development of dance art in Bali because it is so related. Terengarai this art has been around since prehistoric times. This ancient art form is almost the same as the arts contained in the inland areas of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and other islands in the archipelago.

This art is plural in people who believe in animism and dynamism. Generally, this art is seen as a repellent of reinforcements, curing diseases, rain, and so forth. The remains of this culture can still be found in Bali in sacred dances such as: Dance Sang Hyang Topeng Dedari, Barong Beruduk, Chinese Baris dance, Duri War dance and others.

This mask dance performance can still be seen on certain days, for example: Mask Sang Hyang Dedari or Sang Hyang Legong staged in Ketewel Gianyar village on Pagerwesi feast day, or in Trunyan Kintamani village which often perform mask Brutuk or Betara Brutuk. The shape of this Brutuk mask has similarities to the masks in East Kalimantan called Hudoq.

In its development, mask has become the main tool in mask dance, traditional Balinese dramatari art. In mask dance, every pementas or dancer performs with a special outfit and wearing a mask. The mask worn by a dancer shows the character he is wearing in a performance. Stories performed in mask dance usually come from historical narrations (babad) or legendary tales.

Traditional performing arts have a special and unique role in Balinese culture. Arts such as dance and theater do not just function as entertainment. Some of them are complementary components of religious rituals or even positioned as rituals themselves. This diversity of functions makes Balinese art so rich with variety and variety.

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