Musical instrument Serune Kalee from Aceh

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For the next, deep my post this time will take the theme of Musical instrument Serune Kalee from Aceh. As we know that the branches of art are numerous, and the definition of art itself cannot be described with certainty and clarity in words. So, I just know a bit about the art from the internet and want to share it with all of Steemian friends here. Follow me @ericksteem and we'll share it together
Art was originally a process of man and is, therefore, a synonym of science. Today, art can be seen in the essence of the expression of human creativity. Art can also be interpreted as something created by humans that contain elements of beauty.

Art is very difficult to explain and also difficult to assess. That each individual artist selects his own rules and parameters that guide him or her work, it can still be said that art is the process and product of choosing the medium, and a set of rules for the use of that medium. There are several forms of definition of art that world figures say;

  • Alexander Baum Garton
    Art is beauty and art is a positive goal to make the audience feel in happiness.
  • Aristotle
    Art is a form of disclosure and its appearance never deviates from reality and that art is imitating nature.
  • Immanuel Kant
    Art is a dream because formula can not make a reality.
  • Ki Hajar Dewantara
    Art is the result of beauty so it can move the beautiful feelings of the people who see it, therefore the human acts that can influence can cause the beautiful feeling of art.
  • Leo Tolstoy
    Art is an expression of the creator's feelings conveyed to others so that they can feel what the painter feels.
  • Sudarmaji
    Art is all inner manifestation and aesthetic experience by using media fields, lines, colours, textures, volumes and dark light.

Understanding Traditional Musical Instruments Serune Kalee from Aceh

Serune Kalee is a traditional musical instrument in the form of a typical Aceh trumpet with a clarinet-like structure. Serune Kalee is usually played as the main instrument in a traditional musical performance in Aceh, accompanied by Geundrang, Rapai, and a number of other traditional instruments. This musical instrument is known mainly in Pidie, Aceh Utara, Aceh Besar, and Aceh Barat.

Serune Kalee still plays a major role in the social rites of Acehnese as in the social rites of Acehnese society, such as marriage, reception, or entertainment events. This instrument is classified into a type of aerofon, or instrument that has the source of sound from the air blast in the cavity.

Serune Kalee comes from two words, namely (Serune) which refers to the traditional instruments of Aceh, and (Kalee) which is the name of the village in Laweung, Pidie District. So simply, Serune Kalee can be interpreted as a Serunai/flute from the Kalee region. It is very likely that the naming is associated with the appearance or place of making the Serunai/flute.

In addition to the Aceh musical instrument is also in the environment Minangkabau and Agam communities. Serunee Kalee also has similarities with some instruments from other countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Such instruments have a number of similarities in terms of tone, vibration, volume, and sound dynamics.

How to Make Serune Kalee

Serune Kalee is made of wood, in which wood is selected as its base material which has strong and hard character, as well as lightness. Before it is made, the wood is first soaked for three months. After the immersion phase is complete, then the wood is cut to the remaining part of the so-called 'wooden liver'. The wooden heart is then drilled and latched to form a hole with a diameter of about 2 cm. Once a cavity is created, the next step is to make the tone holes, ie 6 holes on the top-face as tone intervals, and 1 hole below as a condition for creating a distinctive voice from Serune Kalee.

The shape and shape of this equipment such as batons, round, and straight starting from the upper limit (Mondstuk) to the bottom (bell). The top of the tool is small and enlarged at the bottom. In the body or body, there are holes as a place to play the desired tone. This equipment has a black base colour, this is probably caused by too much hold or indeed the base colour of wood made for this equipment is black.

Based on existing data, Serune Kalee has existed since the entry of Islam into Aceh. There are some who say that this instrument comes from China (Z.H Idris, 1993: 48-49). Regardless of the various assumptions, historical facts show that Aceh in the past was a strategic, evenly open, kingdom with many relationships with various nations from outside. In its development, various existing acculturations have given birth to Aceh's unique arts, dominant in Islam.

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