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Hi @eriksl.. So I usually wouldn't curate a one-image, one-line post, but I have to say, I stared at this piece of art for close to 20 minutes.. Please do tell us more next time, about your process, or your thoughts as you create -anything. You're obviously very talented. .. Also, I am a curator for the You Got Snekked curation project and this is just to let you know that...:

You got SNEKKED! ;)
Expect a certain Snek to come 'round and give you a bite soon ;)

@yougotsnekked is a curation project!
We aim to find good content, share a happy moment, & some visibility. Your post got our upvote, and we will feature your post and possibly an image from it in our 47th curation compilation if you don't mind! If you don't want to be featured, please let us know!

Also, feel welcome to join our community on Discord! -:


Aww, why the flag? sadface

i love it <3 so strange and colourful and awesome <3 wonderful work, eriks!

oh and i also nudge you at your insta :> say hi to me there~


Thank you for your support!

I too would of loved to know your inspiration in the art work. But still a great picture to look at well done. Also I have just come back after a 3 month break so I know how hard it is to reignite the spark but this is a great way to get going.