Anxiety and Depression

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So people want to know what "inspires" me, but as an artist in the most over-saturated art market the world has ever seen I can honestly say NOT MUCH. It's actually really hard to even sit down and draw anything nowadays. The blaring question is "what is the point?". People have access to literally millions of artists via the internet and literally millions of people work harder than me at this and can draw better than me. It is a very disheartening time to be artist. Before everyone started shilling their work on the internet, being an artist almost felt like a special thing. This special feeling I would get from being around other creative people would inspire me to work harder. Now with social media, it feels more like a pissing contest, or a giant competition to get the most likes, follows, etc. So I can say what inspires me more and more now is just trying (emphasis on trying) to be special or outstanding in a world where there is millions of artists. I really appreciate people even looking at my work, and I am very grateful for the opportunity that social media gives us. But seriously, it aint easy and some days I want to quit. Thanks for looking/reading.

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Hey, I can totally relate, but if you hadn't been posting, then I wouldn't have found you and I love your stuff, and no the whole emphasis is not about me, I'm just an avatar of a potential person who may come across your art and enjoy it, point being is that your arts are really awesome and I know it's hard to keep arting, but no one says things were supposed to be easy, right?

Though, yeah, there are days that I just want to say FUCK IT also.

I feel you, Eriks

Stay strong and keep arting <3