Drawing Story Time

3년 전
in art

I made this drawing when I was in high school. I wanted to stay up an entire night drawing and see what I can do in the span of 24 hours of working non stop.. This was pretty much the result, one stream of consciousness alien anxiety art coming up. This one actually got featured on deviantart, the only time I ever kinda blew up on that site for this one. Definitely one of my all time favorites because of the friends it has made me.


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Great art!!


Thank you!

it's so... I don't know how to explain, but I like it! xD

Love this, Eriks :D It does remind me of my own crazy artworks when I was still in high school.... Seems like I had a different level of energy and focus back then...

Love the crazy amount of detailing and inking in this piece. The red is also wonderful and striking * ___ * !!!!