Decoupage letters for kids!

3년 전

Hi everyone,

We had a very busy day today and we planned a very busy day for tomorrow as well, but I really wanted to share a project with you that I did over the last few days ( it didn't take that long, I just had to wait for paint/glue to dry). I brought some plywood letter cut outs from my local $2 store and decided to decorate them for my kids future rooms. We choose decorative papers, then painted and applied PVA glue to stick our designs. I love the way they came out! I'm already thinking where we are going to use them.









Once they dry follow with a seal to protect them from the moisture, I put thin layer of mod podge and a sealing spray (I put an extra cover since you can never be too careful with the kids around)



It is a great decoration for the doors or above the bed head , but for Emily I have something special in mind, the only issue is that I have to convince Tomek to make a custom bed design for Emily's future bedroom. I hope he is up for that challenge because I have a super cool design that I would love to share here. I hope you are having a productive and creative week? I love for you to share some of your ideas as I'm always looking out for fun and crafty things to do.

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By the way, looking forward to see that challenge you gave Tomek for the custom design 😉
Resteemed u🤗


Amazing artistic work.. U r one of cool moms.. I hope kids will also love it...


Thank you:) it is fun to do all projects together with my kids.

Cute idea! I bet your girls love them!! I tried a mod podge project a few weeks ago with dried flowers from my garden.


How did that turned out? Do you have some photos? I would love to try it.


I'm really happy with it. I will be posting photos soon.

Those look really cool! I have some similar cutout letters from Bunnings for each of the kids, though only @pixietrix has painted and put them up on her door, the boys haven't yet and now I can't find the letters XD They'll probably turn up next time I do a big cleanup.



Yes, I know the feeling. I still have some projects from a while back, but cant get myself to do them and now after moving I dont even know where they are. How did your search for the house go?


Went pretty well, settled on one that we're starting the process for, hopefully we get it. Thanks for asking :)


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These are soooo beautiful!!!
I love it😁 Its a beaitiful decoration for the kids bedroom!❤