Hand Drawing Orisa from Overwatch

3년 전

Orisa the Hero

Hello steemit friends ... I will show you how to draw Orisa from overwatch. Hope you guys like it.

Step 1

Made a sketch

Step 2

Make a head, body and hands

Step 3

Make the legs

Step 4

Thicken it with a marker

Thanks For Your Time

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thank you 😊

Nice work, the steps seem a little to fast but appreciate you trying to help others. Steem on my friend.! Following and voted.


Thank you for the advice

I also play overwatch, I'm Orisa user here :) High-five!


wew.. Unfortunately I can not play overwatch because my laptop is not strong 😂


lol okay! maybe you can try Paladin. its like overwatch too :)

Is that a samurai robot?? Cool af haha


I do not think it's a samurai robot, because it does not carry a sword 😁

Thank you. I'll try it.


You are welcome, good luck


Great. Why don't you try to publish some of your drawings (look at http://www.calvendo.com).


Good idea, next time I will publish my drawing

Nice art


thank you


You are welcome

No parking

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That's a really good work I admire how you care for small details!
I invite you to check my drawing too I'll begin a serie and I would like to know your opinion about it:) here is the link:


thank you, I have seen your art nice work


Thanks and don't hesitate to follow me cause more is coming soon ;)


ok 😁

Great work @ferdian
Keep it up!

You might wanna have a look at my post




thank you @steemmates, Beautiful butterflies
I followed you