Some of my latest drawings!

2개월 전

Hello everyone

Lately I've been drawing a lot, most of them in digital, I was able to buy myself an iPad, (thanks to cryptocurrency btw) and started to go deep into the digital art ocean. Let me show you a bit of my creations, and let me know what you think about it.

I was thinking to star posting about tips, and tools to get initiated into the illustration world, what you think about that? if you are interested please let me know in the comments and I will be posting more often about it.

Ilustración_sin_título 92.png

What is awesome about digital is how you can create on a very easy way lights and shadows, Im using Procreate which is a paid up. it only costs $1 and it already have a lot of great light and texture brushes, you can also see more of this in this next drawing.

Ilustración_sin_título 91.png

I stared to redraw some of my pencil and pend illustrations to give the a more "modern" look on a digital enviorment, what you think about this kind of drawings and the style?

Ilustración_sin_título 90.png

Hope you like it and please if you enjoyed this content remember to upvote and follow for more posts about art.

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