Guess what movie? №10

2년 전

This is the tenth anniversary episode of the art "Guess the film."
One of my favorite movies with an incredible atmosphere.

The first who guesses the film will get my little upvote.
I am open to any criticism and wishes, thank you for being with me :)
First episode - Fight Club
Second episode - Trainspotting
Third episode - Filth
Fourth episode - The Professional
Fifth episode - Sherlock
Sixth episode -Truman Show
Seventh episode - IT
Eighth episode - Not yet guessed
Ninth episode - Scarface


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must be the green mile...!!

I love your drawing.


Absolutely right! And how do you manage to answer so quickly? : D


I love The MOVIES, and I am good at pictures in my memory, not with names, songs or text, but pictures have a place in my memory, I can always find them back. when I read a book I always see the words as pictures


Its cool) Do you track posts by tag or what? Just wondering where do I get new faces)


wanted to see if there was a new contest...i love contests here on steemit, and I found yours...!! I am also a graphic artist and love to make digital cartoons, so I look for steemit victims, contest, pictures, and stuff like this. here is an example of what I do...


This is amazing work)


thanks... doing my freakin best , hahahaha...

congratulation and very nice sketch describe the story @fourapril


Thank you

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О! Вот Зелёную милю я опознала. Тоже люблю этот фильм.



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