All In One Stone (#146)

2년 전

Wow, a whole week without posting in this series. That was hard! I did it on purpose. To see if that would bring something new to mind in relation to this series.

And it did. So, besides the 'regular' whole stone images I will start posting close-ups and whole series of photos taken in the same session.

Later on I will start mixing it with the art that derives from all these pictures, citations and philosophical or meditative thoughts (is there a difference?).

Currently my father is on a camper trip to the old Goldrush area and the Grand Canyon in the USA. From where, I am sure, he will return with many stories, memories and discoveries that will end up in his artwork.

So, now, without further ado, here is Stone #146 in the continuous series "All In One Stone"


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What Is This Series About?
Theme of the Series


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Mooie foto en je hebt een interessant project in gedachten :) Ik ben benieuwd hoe dat er uit gaat zien. Veel plezier ermee :)


Dank je @openheart. Ik ben zelf ook heel benieuwd.

Hopelijk komt JvKvH terug met een dagboek vol teksten. Die foto's daar zijn er duizenden van, die teksten raken een beetje op :-)

Are those specs of gold in the stone? Fascinating! 😀


That would be extremely fascinating! Especially since the stone has been observed, studied and photographed for over 30 years without anyone noticing :-)

No, there's no gold, or even glimpses of it. The artist did make a replica covered in gold leaf, though, and one out of lead, one made of plaster, one of glass, and some other materials... like a true Alchemist.