Art Drawing Request Project - No4 Luffy+Trafalgar Mesh

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Art Drawing Request Project - No4 Luffy+Trafalgar Mesh

Hello, fellow Steemmates! :)

This is the third drawing that I did from my "Art Drawing Request" Project. It was requested by @acidyo.

They wanted me to draw a fused version of Trafalgar and Luffy. This time I decided instead of doing a fusion to proceed a different way and thought it would be funny to see Luffy with Trafalgar's outfit :D

So here is the drawing:


I thought it would have looked very weird to see Luffy with someone's else's hat than his own symbolic straw one, so I decided to draw him pondering how can someone wear a hat like that, and thinking it's not worth it to swap.

Hope you guys like it and find this project interesting! So don't be shy and put your suggestions on what to draw next down in the comments and will pick one that seems most interesting, and will note down the other suggestions and post them in the next Request Drawing.

Hope you guys like my art! If you do, please make sure to support me by upvoting, resteeming or following! Comments are always welcome and I do accept criticism :)

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hey @hentikage, nice job with drawing Luffy in Trafalgar's outfit.

I have a suggestion....I'm not sure why I thought of this though. L from Death Note wearing a wedding dress and doing his pose.


Thank you :)
Haha, people really have it tough on L huh :D
My 1st request was to draw L and Saitama (from One Punch Man) merged version.. was very fun to draw ^_^
So sure why not :D could give a shot at drawing L in a wedding dress


I've got to see the Saitama and L version!


Hey again :)
Your request to draw L in a wedding dress is ready. Here is the post:

Nice art mate. keep it up good work.


Thank you. I do post art quite regularly, so if you are interested be sure to stick around :)

Art is a good part of life, no doubt is an excellent type. Carry on dude and ripe.


Thanks a lot got the nice comment ! :) I will surely continue with my art drawings, you guys help me pursue it

ths is cool

Nice. I like it.

I see so far no one has left any suggestions :)
Don't be shy people! I accept any type of requests as long as they are interesting and fun to do :p

Hi @hentikage, I'm @izwafauzi
I am from aceh, i am new in steemit and not yet understand about steemit
Please help

Haha he looks so confused about the hat. :) Very nice drawing.

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Thank you very much! :)
I was really wondering how to approach the idea :D Glad it turned out interesting


You're very welcome!

Cute Luffy💕💕💕


Thank you ^_^


You're welcome :)