Art Drawing Step by Step progress - Kitsune

4년 전

Art Drawing Step by Step progress - Kitsune


Hey, everyone! :)

I decided to make a step-by-step tutorial this time. I used a reference for this picture by the great cosplayer a4th.

So here is the step-by-step progress:

And this is the final result in a bigger size:


Hope you guys like my art! If you do, please make sure to support me by upvoting, resteeming or following! Comments are always welcome and I do accept criticism :)

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beautiful ...eyes looks so real


Thank you :)

This very well!


Thank you!

I really love the hair and your skin tone! I always have a hard time drawing white hair without making it look grey. Lol.


Thank you :)
Yes, at the beginning I had problems with that as well. In my case it was coming from the fact that after putting on the base color i was purely shading it with darker tone. Now i just use the darker tone to define the strands and on the darker parts of the hair.
But to achieve a good tone I usually play around a lot with the contrast, brightness and levels until I get the look that I want ;)