Sketch - Hextech Janna

4년 전

Sketch - Hextech Janna

Hello, everyone ! :)

This is yet again one of my sketches that I did in my free time some time ago.


Looking at it now I see quite a lot of flaws with it, but once I get down to coloring it I will fix them all. Since it is drawn on paper and it is scanned may take some time to get it down digitally, but will do for sure. I have a lot of projects that I plan on making come to life soon :)

Hope you guys like my art! If you do, please make sure to support me by upvoting, resteeming or following! Comments are always welcome and I do accept criticism :)

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Pretty cool!


Thank you very much! :)

It looks not too bad already even if a few things are slightly off :) Have fun fixing and colouring it :D



Yeah, I drew this one probably over 1 year and something ago, so now I notice a lot of flaws in it. Will try to fix all of them when I color it finally :)