My Body Is Not Your Property | Acrylic Painting

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My Body Is Not Your Property.jpg

My Body Is Not Your Property
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 24 in

At a very young age, I was always told to do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that... The society wants you to be modest, otherwise, they won't respect you.

If men explore their sexuality, it's pretty "normal". Most would even brag about it. Loud and proud. But when women do it, they are immoral, not decent, should be stoned to death, etc. They are called sluts, bitches, whores, thots, hoes, and all other names.

Society tells us that women cannot explore their sexuality because they don't want to see women having complete control over their bodies. They don't want women to have control over their bodies because they don't want to see an empowered woman. Women are just meant to be submissive to men. Women are just meant to obey what the society says.

The society is so obsessed with possessing women's bodies.

I say

No. You don't own our bodies.

It is not your property.
It is mine.
I will wear whatever I want and do whatever I want and express myself however I want.

You can't control us and our bodies.

This painting was banned

This painting was originally made for the group exhibit Lupa. It was banned (along with the two paintings of my colleague) by the sponsor of the Mindanao Art Fair because they don't allow "obscene" works. Well, of course. Nobody wants to see that. Nobody wants to see a masturbating woman. BUT THEY ALLOWED AN EJACULATING DICK IN MANILA ART FAIR. Okay, it basically proved my point and I was glad I was able to provoke them.

I was informed by the gallery a week before the show that I had to make another painting. The gallery is very supportive of our works and they are frustrated as well, but can't do anything as the sponsor of the event (the government :p) said so. So I kinda protested and did another painting... hours before the supposed deadline.

I understand they need to not have a shock value cos they need to "preserve" the country's "conservative" and oh so self-righteous culture, but we cannot deny that people as early as 11 years engage in sex nowadays. In fact, the Philippines has the second-highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Southeast Asia. The Department of Health is also alarmed that 11 year-olds are having STDs.

Yep. Erotic art because we need to be open-minded and talk about these things.

"Oh don't post that because the kids on Facebook will see"

Actually... your teenage kids aren't ignorant. They know what that is and they will engage with that if they like. You can't control them. What we can do is educate them about the consequences of having unprotected sex, how to protect themselves, etc.. Sex Education is seen as evil here because of us being a catholic country. You will be judged if you buy contraceptives. In fact, the country wants to separate the girls and boys in classes to prevent teenage pregnancies. Funny.







My Body Is Not Your Property.jpg

I'm a young artist and I need to grow.
Criticisms, violent or positive reactions are very much welcome and will be highly appreciated. :)
Thanks for listening.

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So hot!) Well done! I would to decorte drawings like this my future studio) But first I need a studio))) You are super!


Thank you! :D I also need a studio T_T Good luck with it!


And good luck with studio to you)))!

This is outstanding, both the art and how you are protesting misogyny and censorship. Well done!


Thank you for understanding the thought of the painting :D it’s really a compliment for me as an artist, I appreciate that a lot 😊

Beautiful, sexy and thought provoking.

It’s truly liberating to fight the establishment with tasteful representation of human sexuality.


Lol true, thank you!

Wow! You really have the power to provoke people. I actually agree with your point. Just because some prominent guy made a sloppy, mediocre painting of an ejaculating dick, it gets displayed in a national gallery with a whooping Php 196,000 price tag. To add salt to the wound, it gets attention through countless times of features from traditional media outlets. There's no censorship or ban. I'm really furious.

Continue with your thought provoking works! Please know that there are people who are with you all the way.


Yeah true. The price tag issue for me there is he doesn't have that reputation yet in the art scene so he should've priced it a bit lower. Another thing is that he was able to get into Manila art that easy... which is quite insulting to the full-time artists who work hard (cos joining Manila Art Fair is not easy) and they didn't ban his work lol.

Thank you so much! I will! And am more confident now that you said that :)

So true and well done! upped 100%. ❤👍💁


Thank you! :)

Was it the same art exhibition that your painting was banned from that had the masturbated dick?
If so that is out of order. It not then maybe it was just the curator not wanting to be too out there.
I like the painting but must confess I like it better in it's earlier stages. The hand closeup in particular. The unfinished quality leaves more to the imagination regarding depth of meaning.


No, it's not the same exhibition but the same sponsor (government organization), so I would assume they would all follow the supposed "rules" no matter where the exhibit would be held.

I like it better in it's earlier stages

Haha hey! I like it better when it looks unfinished too!! But I just don't want to leave an exposed gesso there, "unfilled" spaces so to speak. I am working on it though, I am experimenting with oil mediums for me to be able to put layers without using solvents... :D

Thank you! :)


Censorship is a thing we all have to deal with unfortunately and when it is coupled with sexism it is even worse. But the most scary type of censorship is self censorship, and I am happy to see that you are not a victim of this.

I don't find it offensive at all. I think its a really cool painting that captures a private moment. It shouldn't have been banned from the exhibit.


Thank you! I do think so. Erotic art should be seen as art equal to other genres of art in my opinion.

Es una pintura realmente hermosa, muy expresiva, Saludos.

It is a really beautiful painting, very expressive, Regards.


Thank you! <3

Love the Art-and its too much hot and sexy.

Its your body scratch??

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I don't understand your question

boys are not going nude why you ? why human created clothes ?


boys are not going nude why you ?

Huh? lol. Yes, boys do nude as well.

why human created clothes ?

I guess so humans can survive. The clothes serve as protection to different climates.


catch those boys as well


Why would I catch them?