There's A Bubblegum In My Throat Because I'm Clumsy | Oil Painting

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Theres A Bubblegum In My Throat Because Im Clumsy.jpg

There's A Bubblegum In My Throat Because I'm Clumsy
Oil on Canvas
29 x 29 in









About the Painting

This was started last year as a portrait study. I donno. There's just this photo of me and I just want to study the colors and stuff so I painted it. This was meant to be a study but I decided to experiment along the way. Unlike my other major works, I wasn't thinking of any ideas on this one. I just let my subconscious mind flow and do its job. The title is just there to be random and funny.

Or is it really random?

Nah, I bet not. Since I let my subconscious take over, I do think this painting says a lot about me. About who I am. About how I act.

Theres A Bubblegum In My Throat Because Im Clumsy Small.jpg

You see, it looks playful. Childish. Careless. Just like me!

I don't usually talk. I just observe and listen. I usually just shut up even when things are not good. Well, I'm bad at explaining things when speaking. I can't express myself with words that well, that's why I became a visual artist.

...And that is why it has a thick paint over the mouth.

There's A Bubblegum In My Throat Because I'm Clumsy


I can't speak my thoughts well because I'm dumb and I might make things worse with my words.

and those harsh brush strokes are my frustrations.


The process was a bit crazy lol. And I would say, classic me.
Most of my works are unfinished or abandoned. This is one of them.

This was created in February 2018 and I even posted about it here

My art process always revolve around my emotions. I always follow my heart. If I feel like doing it, then I'm going to do it. If I don't, then I don't. If I don't feel like finishing my painting, I just leave it. In fact, most of my artworks are unfinished. Because I'm a work in progress; and I don't know when am I going to be finished. Or probably just leave it that way; that makes me unique, anyway.

And I left it alone for a year. In February 2019 I started painting it again. It was kinda fun. Until I got frustrated because it wasn't the way I expected it to be. So I abandoned it again. :P

It looked like this for months. I looked bald at the top lol but who cares.


Until some weird shit got to me and yesterday, I decided to work on it again. So here's the progress.







That's it. I don't usually film my painting but I did a kinda-timelapse of it and will post it next time. :>

It's not well-thought. Didn't even have a visual study before that. But I enjoyed doing it and that's the most important part.


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I really love this painting!
Not only I like the style, but I also like the way you came up with this!
You described your feelings in a very emotional way and you know what?
I already knew what that mouth meant even before reading your explanation.
That's because I feel exactly the same.
Very well done, thank you for sharing this with us!


Thank you! I appreciate it so much when someone relates to my work. Also it is a sign that I have managed to convey my message effectively. :)

Damn you know how to paint yourself really well! <3
beautiful job girl!


for sure dear! galing mo talaga ;) <3

This is really a fantastically unique piece! I love the probably unintentional combination of styles with a somewhat impressionism for your portrait and then this fun, wild layer of abstract over it. Even if you did just let loose and do "whatever", I think it turned out superbly!


Someone actually advised me to just let it flow and not worry about how it would turn out. Took the advise and this is what I got. Thank you! :D

I really think the neon splatters added an extra OOMPH to the painting and your title for it is very playful and creative, I like it!


Yeah, I felt empty when those weren't there. Thanks, Eve :D

Hello Hiddenblade,
Wonderful work - And a truly brilliant title! (it could make a great song lyric too!).

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thanks! If that would be a song lyric, what would be the genre of the song? Deathcore would be nice. XD

Approved as Art! Voice out if only with a brush!

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Thanks, Wes :D

That's awesome. I like the colours and the brush strokes. It looks like tye bubble gum popped. The oink offsets the cooler colours nicely.

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Love the colors. ❤️

amzing. i love ur style


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Oh extraordinary looks from beautiful and very interesting amazing art

you. are. fkn. powerful!

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Very good very nice