Interstellar girl

4년 전
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Hello dear friends!
Today i would like to share with you my new artwork of Interstellar girl. And there is a little story of her:
She led usual life. But she always looked into the night sky. There she saw the infinite worlds in which there live absolutely other people. And once having reached space, she long flew in search of other people. But she found only lonely stars. And she wanted to share with them her attention that they weren't such lonely.

And there is a little process of creation:


And full art:


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will stay with me here and i will share with you my new artworks 12.png


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I love this! :D so cute

firma 8.jpg

All the color!!! 😍


I hope you like it :D

  ·  4년 전

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Thank you for your support 19.png

Hey! Your art is amazing! I have just found your profile and I can see that you don't post often. I hope that you change that and let us enjoy your art! <3


Thank you a lot dear @artocsy :D
I'm so sorry for that. It's hard to me make new artworks often, but i try my best to make new posts with drawings as fast as i can т.т


Thank you :)

Not only is your art adorable, but it's very well thought out, and really well executed. This is beautiful!


Thank you a lot @offbeatbroad 2.png

Она прекрасна!;)


Ого, спасибо большое @knopka145 1.png

I found you through the ocd feature as we were both in. Lovely art, fellow illustrator and singer here. Love the wip.


Thank's a lot 2.png

Incredibly cute! 1.png


Ahh oh my god your art is beautiful! I also do digital art but I always find painting digitally harder... I hope to see more of your pretty art~


Thank you @thilah
I will do my best to make new artworks more often9.png

i like it, you maybe make a tutorial?


i'm so glad you like it ;)
of course! About what do you want tutorial? Coloring or something else?