Artists, Earn HBO Tokens!


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Artists, Earn HBO Tokens!

The Hobo Fund is designed to support the HoboDAO and its operations in a similar way that many not-for-profit organizations support blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin. One thing that the Hobo Fund tries to do is provide fun opportunities for people to earn Hobo tokens.

Here is an opportunity for artistically-inclined Steemians to earn Hobo tokens!

All you have to do is make HoboDAO/Hobo token designs, animations or whatever thing that looks cool and submit it to the hoboDAO ( If your design is pretty cool you'll likely receive a 100% upvote from the community account and will reward you in 25,000 Hobo tokens.

Every Steemian can only be rewarded once, so its better to go with quality over quantity! We're limiting this reward program to 500,000 HBO and only 20 Steemians will receive 25,000 HBO and a 100% upvote by

How to submit your art?

All you have to do is leave a comment below this post and tag That easy!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I would use the design presented as teaser picture at the top of this very post. It's round like a token and looks cool.


Great, the idea is just to give ambassadors and other Steemians as much HoboDAO art as possible that they are allowed to use for posts related to the HoboDAO. :)

hobo dao footer.png

Hi I made a footer with my own token design, where H and D which stands for HOBO DAO is formed a microphone-shaped that features the letters H and D. I also made a short slogan whatever you call that " HOBO DAO incentivizing quality independent journalism"


Very nice work!

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Good day! I made a simple design that can be used as a cover photo or a footer to support HOBO DAO. I just used the original logo for this one then the slogan saying the Declaration of Independent journalism. I truly believe in this project. Its goal is truly amazing and many people would surely love HOBO DAO