Little sculpture created some problems

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Hi, guys!

Yesterday I talked about how I made my little sculpture, which depicts my inner critic. And today he gave me an unpleasant surprise, he took it and began to fall apart!

I have already said that I sculpted it not from real clay, which I used to work with, but from keraplast, which is, as it were, half clay. And apparently that's why the parts were fastened together, too, only half!

By now, his hat has already fallen off. This is nothing, it can be glued when the sculpture is completely dry. But if something else falls off, then I don’t know how exactly I will glue the smaller parts back. Of course, in many ways I violated the very principles of monolithic modeling, but not so much that everything fell apart altogether.




This is the inner critic. Not only does it look strange, and personally reminds me of the Scarecrow from the "Emerald City" (and as we all remember, the main problem of this hero was the lack of brains), it also falls apart, although it should not. I still have to paint it, I even bought decorative acrylic for this, which I actually never use for artistic purposes. Let's hope it doesn't fall apart even more from staining.

In the morning I reviewed what I brought from the art store yesterday. Do you know what is the most difficult task for an artist who came to an art store? Get out of there with only what you really need. I managed to cope with this task only by about 80 percent, which in itself is not bad. Why do I need a gray liner - I'll never know, I always work in black or sepia. But nevertheless I bought it, and now it will be necessary to figure out why.

But two bright sketchbooks are definitely a mistake. They are not suitable for the techniques I work in and I bought them solely because of the covers. By the way, many artists have such a professional disease - we buy sketchbooks, and then we don’t use them. And they are gradually becoming more and more.



By the way, the second photo shows my grid with squares, which I talked about two posts ago. As you can see, it's still filling unevenly, but I hope that in the end I will be able to bring everything to a relatively uniform filling. It still seems to be some of the most important areas that suffer the most, and I still can't figure out why.

In the morning we walked the dog for a long time, little by little spring comes. I want to share a couple of photos. At the last one, my baby just runs very fast :)




See you in the next post!
Love, Inber

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