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The Best Entries of ROUND 9

I've been traveling without wifi most of the time, so I'm 5 days behind schedule but I'm here no worries :)

In ROUND 9 you guys came in this round with 37 entries, this has been an outstanding showcase of talents, I applaud you all on being so amazing and receptive to the #italent contest. All though there were more then several incredible entries, myself and the judges will stand out some of our favorites in this post.

"Winners will be announced on 2'nd of September"

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(All art/performances are picked in no particular order and do not represent winners of this round)


@trishy (54)


An outstanding tutorial on how to create a vector illustration using a photo reference to achieve the desired result. @trishy went really far to explain this in detail and obviously knows the ropes around the vector techniques very well, and on top of that Trishy explain and uses Photoshop instead of the Adobe Illustrator to show that it is as well possible to do it on each platform, well done Trish.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@yidneth (62)

⚪️ Ethereal: Original song, Music video, Making of, photography... ⚪️

Ethereal is what I would describe @yidneth's sound as well, such a lush and spacey reverb with multiple vocals all done by Pris and her soulmate Hector, she never seems to disappoint in any aspects of her presentation, from the song itself to the post and the info about the development, setting, lyrics and making of. This song is truly outstanding example on how this ethereal sounds still linger with us in contrast to today's pop music, and hopefully they will again prevail and heal instead of divert from what is important.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@errymil (63)


⚪️ The Sacred Bull ⚪️

Errymil Batol does everything but one thing, and that is underachieving, he is delivering his series to us firstly from his heart secondly from his workshop and does it exclusively and professionally. I've already said so much to praise him and his approach to art before, and he deserved it 100% as he is truly exemplary of an authentic artist, the "Sacred Bull" blew me away and I'm very grateful for him to include my song in the video, thank you @errymil


Watch The "Making of" and the process of painting from start to finish below...

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@nickyhavey (53)

⚪️ Drum & Bass track to celebrate the end of a 5.5 year PhD! ⚪️

While listening to a @nickyhavey's song you might see yourself hearing such fluidity and beautiful ethereal sounds, and this is liquid drum and bass what you've been listening yes, the ever so inspirative and energetic DnB. There is something very familiar but also something very different about Nick Havey's songs, the production approach is authentic and it is more focused on melodies then to beats and basses, something I really enjoy.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@adelepazani (62)

⚪️ How to draw a PORTRAIT ⚪️

Incredible portrait tutorial by @adelepazani teaching you how to get those details right, from the skelet and borders of the face to the shading with a brush, this is truly a valuable tutorial for artists on the Steemit platform. The shades turned out remarkable and to use a brush like that is amazing and I can see it give more control for both charcoal and pencils alike.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@betzaelcorvo (54)

⚪️ La Fogata Azul ⚪️

I'm a big fan of @betzaelcorvo's paintings and sketches, but music really is where he shows his spirit, he seems as an amazing and sincere person, and his music sounds like that as well. This arrangement is an original song, so people, don't lose that thought while listening to "La Fogata Azul" it is all him, every vocal and instrument and production, such an amazing vibes, well done @betzaelcorvo.

See his full iTalent post in the link below:


@cristoeuf (54)

⚪️ Vector Illustration ⚪️

Wow, this is gold, to have this kind of tutorials on Steemit is showing that alikes like DLive and DTube are really going places. For anyone looking for a way to learn how to illustrate something digitally this is an outstanding tutorial on how to achieve whatever you have in mind of illustrating. This is made as an live stream on DLive do not forget that fact while watching the vids.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@kingtamarah (46)


⚪️ Mermaid prod by: E_FAITH ⚪️

@kingtamarah is a cool dude that is with i-Talent contest from a mere start, he comes from Nigeria and he is a dancer as well, he recently started to make music with his producer and I might say the results are achieving his potential, really cool to watch him grow slowly on Steemit as a musician, really amazing refrain in the song, beautiful lush reverb's and thick and tight beats, great job guys ✌

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@marianmoreno-ng (40)


⚪️ The King of the jungle - Majestic animal ⚪️

@marianmoreno-ng gives us insight into her amazing drawing with her step by step process, the details in it are immaculate, really perfect shading process, the hair of the lion is out of this world, and the whole concept is great as well. I love how she achieved contrast with the lion's crown and bright orange eyes, great work Marian.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@ramses.ber (54)


⚪️ A Majestic Tigress ⚪️

@ramses.ber as always delivers something new, this time a cross hybrid between a women and a tiger, "A Majestic Tigress" he really knows his way around the sharp details, you can see in his progression pictures how he first does a part with of a women in black and white and covers the second part of the picture with colored pencils to add the Tigress part, and all this without laying any considerable skelet before doing the second part, amazing result Ramses.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:



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Very honoured to be selected among such fine artists, best of lucks everyone!

muchas gracias, todos son grandes artistas!

Thank you very much @ ivan.atman, is the third time that contest, really make an effort gives great results n.n
Very good artists, congratulations!

Honoured to be part of this list. :D Thank you

great and wonderful entries, many successes at all.