Little dinosaur animated

4년 전

Hello dear Steemians.

This time I'm sharing an animated dinosaur that I animated using CAT and later converted to a bone system. I've painted the textures in photoshop and the modeling was simple in 3ds max.I'm uploading .gifs of the animations and at the bottom I'm sharing a link to google drive where you can download the model with the animations. They are in different files so you can open it with multiple programs including game engines like Unity and Unrea.
Here are some renders :
waiting ezgif-gif.gif
I hope you like my work and upvote it !

Here is a download link :

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Nice work @ivanivanov88 !

Are you going to check out Brass Golem when it's avaialble? They have the Alpha up and running at the moment.


Yes I'm checking it and checking also many other :)


Good stuff. I don't have the kind of skills you have for design, but please let us know how you find it when you get chance to try it!

Very cool. Love the head movements in the first GIF. Excited to see more from you!

Nice work.Upvoted & I have used this gif in my post here:

But ı don't know how to resize. It is too big to me.