New Prismacolor Portrait Drawing✏️🎨 and Dinosaurs 🦕🦖

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My recent couple portrait 🎨

2019-06-20 08.34.05 1~3.jpg

Title: Untitled
Medium: Prismacolor colored pencils
paper size 12 x 18 in.

I recently worked on this. I am pretty satisfied with my outcome thankfully I was able to create something good.

Using oil based colored pencils have softer pigment and heavier color. Good saturation although it is very delicate.

For the background, I just did a plain light yellow. In the picture it comes out a bit neon but in person it doesn't look like that at all.

Final outcome

2019-06-20 08.34.05 1~2.jpg

Full photo:
2019-06-20 08.33.46 1~2.jpg

Process Photos


I am still getting used to blending so it was kind of a struggle for me although I know I handled it good.


(1) So, we have a sketch.

(2) layering lightest colors: yellow, flesh, pink

(3) layering darker colors, medium tones.

(4) shadows and leaving out paper for white color.

Flowers 🌺🌺🌺

I have to share my experience with copying the picture and "improvising"

Some issues arise with reference photos especially when they are old pictures they tend to be blurred.

Artists become confused,

"How do i draw this?"

"I can't figure out the shape"

"What is that anyway?"


First of all, when asking reference pictures,

(1) Always ask for many other pictures of the subjects, to study their facial features, body structure and expressions.
This helps in capturing their likeness.

(2) If you recieve few and perhaps not so helpful photos, you can edit the original picture, increase brightness and contrast, saturation etc.
With this, you can see shapes better and identify things you cannot because of shadow or blurs.

(3) You ask the commissioner or someone who knows who or what you are drawing
This helps a lot, like, what color is the hair, eyes, what is his height over hers?
And all sorts of other questions which can help you understand what you are drawing.

In my case, I thought the flowers were blurred and I could not tell the exact color.
I tried to draw roses off the top of my head, I tried to follow the original as best I could but I tried to give it a better shape and color to make it look more decorative and elegant.

All you need is find other references and try to apply them.

Flesh tone

Here is the arrangements of how I color

Light yellow (pale) ➡️ shade of pink ➡️ a darker flesh tone ➡️ some orange ➡️ yellow green or olive green ➡️ some red ➡️ burnish with white

1970-01-01 08.00.00 317.jpg

You see my tray of colors here? Thats the selection! Although I mixed in there some I use for shadows like that purple pencil and darker hues of brown.

1970-01-01 08.00.00 332.jpg

White clothes need color too!

For white clothes I put colors:
✏️Sky blue
✏️ Golden brown
✏️ Grey
✏️ Pale purple
✏️ Green

So these colors lightly applied build shadows and volume to make the clothes realistic and not flat.

One thing people need to understand with hues is that there is no object that is pure in color, or no object that is not a product of several colors at least, that's what I have observed.

Some background


I honestly felt like a light yellow doesn't do justice to it but the original picture and colors was a bit too difficult for me to do so I stuck with a color that'll make the subjects pop out. Plain white would make it look too flat and too similar to the clothing.

I want to improve so next time I won't be so hesitant to draw backgrounds.

The pattern on her sleeves are not an exact copy but it still looks close to the original.

Drawing people or places doesn't have to be a super exact thing, that's where creativity and essence flow in.

what do you think about the background?

should i try to color it the way it is in the picture?

or leave it as is?


Critique, questions and comments are welcome!


ONE LAST TIP! This, always explore drawing new things, it is refreshing and calming and learn new things and appreciate new perspectives.

1970-01-01 08.00.00 252.jpg

1970-01-01 08.00.00 222.jpg

1970-01-01 08.00.00 124.jpg

1970-01-01 08.00.00 131.jpg

I learned how sketches are difficult to do, why? Because its simple and easy so we tend to settle for it being deformed and ugly, but to create a sketch so well formed, neat and beautiful is a skill too.

Practice always! Sketching a lot means skill and accuracy in drawing improves.

I actually appreciate it more now.


Also wanna thank @fukumineko for the commission ♥️🦕🦖


Protecting the Wildlife has never been so essential in the history of humanity as it is now. Bring awareness worldwide!

I recommend:

You don't want to miss😉

That's all folks!


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Hi jacinta.sevilla,

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Hello @jacinta.sevilla
I find your design beautiful !! the bride above all is charming with her roses in her hair. I love to see all the steps that led to the final result, I really don't know how you can mix so many colors. and how wonderful when you say that even white clothes need color :-)). where did you learn? have you studied or are you self-taught? how long did it take you to make this drawing?
congratulations on your curie vote


Thank you so much for then positive remarks! 🙏🌻
Ive been making art for 8 years now although I've only been most active in art recently.

I've studied art but just one year, I didn't finish the course so the rest of the years I am self taught.

It took me 5 days I think make this.

Blending layers of color come easy once you put more pressure on the pencil, it'll blend easily.

Have a great day!


then yours is a gift, if you haven't studied for a long time, but it's all the fruit of passion and dedication, this is a great job !! congratulation


Daily drawing helps a ton!

Thank you! Deo Gratias! 🙏🌻🌻🌻🕊️

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And now I know there's such a thing as oil based coloured pencils :O

The portrait is amazing! I particularly liked the shots of how you blend colours to create the skin tones (and also impressed that you remember to stop and photograph these things).

And on your dino sketchies well, I think once you get to a certain point it stops being a "sketch" and starts being a "pencil drawing", especially that last couple XD


Awww haha thank you!!!

I am used to taking pictures so I do not forget :)

Artist grade colors are oil based that's why they're easy to blend.
Some or most colored pencils are wax based, that's why theyre hard and less pigmented.

You're right! Although getting the sketch to look good was still a difficult task for me.

Good point! I like your idea it's true.

Thank you so much 🙏♥️

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I always become so excited watching a step by step storytelling about how a drawing is done...
I should admit I really enjoyed the color and life you put on your art...
It's full of life and as they're smiling the color just gives that smiling more power.
I was also happy seeing your concern about environment at the end of your post as your signature ♥
Wish you the best.


That sounds so nice! I'm glad to show the procedures!
Thank you so much I appreciate the feedback :D

I'm happy!

And yeah I can't help but care for everything! Hahah animals need our help too :)

When you talk about talent, you talk about this. People like you, it is smart to highlight their gifts, expand and make known what they can do with their own hands. Friend, I congratulate you, you will reach high!


Deo Gratias! Thank you so so much,

I am happy to share.

Have a great day too!