Painting St. Francisco of Fatima

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A small introduction: I painted st. Fransisco of Fatima, Portugal


St. Fransisco is one of the three children who saw the apparition of an angel who later on told them to come back to the site where he appeared. Eventually, the blessed Lady Mary appeared to them for the consecutive six months on the 13th of every month. On her last appearance she gave out a public miracle of the dancing sun which was witnessed by 70,000 people.

Just a quick view, if you search it on google there are images of the event way back in 1917

dancing sun.JPG

Among one of the three children is Francisco's sister Jacinta, she is a saint now and I also painted her before:


I put hyacinth flowers since it is symbolic for her name. I was named after saint Jacinta and miraculously I was saved from death when I was a baby. Deo gratias!

The third seer, Sister Lucia of Fatima was the third child who saw the blessed Virgin.

sister Lucia.JPG

Her final message to the faithful is God giving the last remedies for the sinfulness of man and that is the most holy rosary and devotion to the blessed virgin Mary. I would like to give a quote which some may find useful:

sister Lucia 2.JPG

If it interests you to know more about this here is the Link:

The Process Photos

I will show some work in process pictures along with some quotes I edited for the final look!

san Fransisco 1.JPG

  • sketch
  • put base colors, keep it light and warm

san Fransisco 2.JPG

here's a link to the insta video:

  • we see here I try to darken colors to make it more solid and to add volume.

san Fransisco 3.JPG

  • more shadows and color.
    what i noticed about my works is that the more I paint the more easier it is to dilute the paint and apply it and making the gradations smoother. I like how I did the shading and color on the nose. In my previous works it is not much visible and most times I feel hesitant but now I am better at it, so thankfully!

san Fransisco 4.JPG

  • building the clothes color by using a yellow and a bit golden brown as base and reinforcing the color by more layers of stronger and darker colors.

san Fransisco 5.JPG

  • Adding darker colors makes it more solid and realistic. It will add a more finished look the more layers you put. normally I am good with around 4-5 layers because my style is not hyper realism, at times I am told it looks like kids cartoon illustrations. I like that!
  • My friend does around 20 layers and that is just major work! But it is very good and you can try that if you like.

san Fransisco 7.JPG

I had it scanned and edited a quote to it!

The final scan!

(not like you guys haven't seen it in the preview!)


This painting would be the latest one, although right now I am painting st. John Paul II
Here is a preview of my current work progress:


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my painting!

Thank you so much! and have a great day!

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