Need NEW Graphics, Logos, Avatars etc HERE IS THE PERSON FOR THE JOB!

2년 전

Many may have seen, or may not have seen some of the wonderful graphics that I have here online.

From the avatar to the headers etc.

These were all done by:


JharvisZukulento #4626 (on Discord)


If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones

& to add to it all, he along with his family are currently in "lockdown" because of the coronavirus, so any work that comes his way will be much appreciated.

He is currently in Peru, as a refugee from Venezuela and life is kinda tough on him.

Hope that you can all consider maybe throwing some work his way, the guy puts his heart and soul into his artwork.

You won't regret it, he is a man of his word.


Yours truly


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