Jacuzzi's Curated Posts - Hmmm... A Few Worth Checking out ... Vol. 3

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As I keep gaining steam power I would like to start curating other posts that I find interesting. The goal is to help build exposure for others on the platform and grow our steemy ecosystem of amazing work.

I'm going to try to do this at least once or twice a week, find several posts from new(ish) steem members who have a Steem Power of 55 or lower, then do a Curation style post with their work in it. Enjoy~ :D

Post 1

Title : My companions
Author : @kittykate
SP : 29
Link : https://steemit.com/artzone/@kittykate/my-companions
" @kittykate looks to be very new to Steem and this is her second post! Welcome to the family!!! Great art work and line quality. I am looking forward to seeing more art come this artist! Also, I enjoy the photos of the pup! Stop on by and give her some love. "

Post 2

Title : Foggy Mountain Sunset 11 by 14 Original Oil on Canvas
Author : @pennyroll
SP : 53
Link : https://steemit.com/steemit/@pennyroll/foggy-mountain-sunset-11-by-14-original-oil-on-canvas
" @pennyroll has not posted for a little bit, when whey they do, they drop some nice original oil paintings! If you do read this @pennyroll , think about posting some of your process with your next work of art, I would love to see more of your process. :) Keep making art and keep posting! "

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