The Legend of Korra Avatar Comic Fan Art [Process Drawing]



Avatar: the Last Airbender will go down as my favorite cartoon of all time, and the sequel series, The Legend of Korra, is a close second. I made this drawing to commemorate the birth of my daughter, whom I named Korra, after the spunky avatar herself. When I drew Korra, I designed her based on Book 1: Air.

The Sketch


I drew this back in 2012, a time when I still drew with paper and pencil as a starting point before going fully to digital. This was a rather quick drawing that I made with no real purpose other than to draw Korra for the first time. I put a lot of effort into making the hands detailed and accurate.

The Line Art


The line drawing version is fairly accurate to my pencil sketch, but I did make some changes to her facial expression. I closed her mouth and gave her more of a smirk. Although my daughter shares the same name, she is as opposite in personality as can be. My little Korra is sweet, quiet, shy, and very adorable!

The Finished Illustration


I used simple cel-style shading on Korra to reflect the cartoon/comic aesthetic from the series. I didn't make a fancy background or effects, so it's a pretty basic character drawing. I started watching the show with my children for the first time last week and we'll be going through the entire series in the coming months. I'm excited that my daughter can learn more about the awesome character she was named after.

I have other artwork of Korra I've made since the birth of my daughter, and I will post these at a later date.

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My most recent drawing of Avatar Korra, for comparison.