[Open Request] Let me draw you ~

4년 전

So Hello guys so as you all know or not im pretty new here and i wanted to go around meeting many new faces on SteemIT community....

so basically what's the best way to meet new faces :D ... **Draw they're faces !!! ~ **

so here's a sample of what ill be doing :3

This is a friend of mine that i drew then.


Here's her RL photo ... sorry couldn't find the reference photo that i used :D.


and here's a sample linework of how i do these things.

So here's some questions:

Can i take many request?

  • ill be doing as much as i can in a limited time and since ill be using a mouse to draw/edit it might take time for each though.

Do you take special request?

  • ofc. as long as it's a crush, friend , or lover etc. why not! just not celebrities :3 ~

What software do i use?

  • Paint Tool Sai since it's really mouse friendly and im too poor to buy a drawing tab T_T

Is it Free?

  • Yesss! absolutely .. im gonna take this as a learning step for myself while being able to give a bit of joy to others in the process ~
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Wow, so nice idea. I want you to draw me and i can try to draw you so if you want send me a photo of you or someone and i will do my best :)IMG_20130810_185351.jpgIMG_2775.JPG


Sure that would be nice ^.^ ill be sending my photo later :) ~