CryptoCartoon of Erik Finman 🌟 Metal Pay



Hi cryptopeople!!!🙌

I cryptocartoonized the cool Erik Finman!👍😉

He's better known as ‘Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire’ 🤑 and is a Metal Pay Angel investor.

Recently Erik Finman and his business partner Marshall Hayner – the founders of Metal Pay – have invested roughly $1 million into a new venture fund called Metal VC. The purpose of the fund is to invest in new blockchain businesses and crypto-based products.


Erik Finman is arguably one of the crypto space’s most intriguing figures. First getting into bitcoin while he was in high school, he turned to crypto trading as a hobby, though he was confident it could potentially become a valid career. He made a bet with his parents upon receiving a $1,000 gift from his grandmother – that if he could invest the money and become a millionaire by his 18th birthday, he would not have to attend university.

The bet paid off. Finman invested the money into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and upon becoming a full-fledged adult, bitcoin began experiencing the massive hikes that would ultimately bring it up to its near-$20,000 mark in late December of 2017. Finman was a millionaire; thus, he turned his back on schooling – something he was never passionate about before – and decided it was time to go into business for himself.

With Metal VC, both men are looking to focus on “early stage ventures” that focus on decentralized finance. This is the primary goal of most cryptocurrency products. Crypto is designed to give financial independence to its users. While banks and standard financial institutions seek to retain control of monetary ventures and products, bitcoin and its altcoin cousins are in the hands of those who use them.

descarga (3).jpeg

I used pencils, crayons and some pastels to create this cryptoart🖍😁🖼






Metal Pay Mission 👨‍🚀🚀🌚

They say the world revolves around money. But what does money revolve around? We say it revolves around people, that our desires and experiences determine its value.

Money is not the means to an end. It’s the means to a beginning. We believe in a better world, where money works for us and we don’t work for money. Where we work for beliefs, causes, and people. That’s what we do at Metal.

Let’s change the way the world views money. It’s time for a better world. It’s time for Metal

Metal was always about more than just being the best way to send money to friends, they want to improve access to cryptocurrency and help create a future that is better and more free and everyday they get a little closer to that! 🤝💲💙💛💜💚

Come along for the ride! 🚀


Thanks for stopping by! 👋😀💬


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A cool drawing and a clever young man!


Thank you!😀☄

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My pleasure.
Have a good Saturday my friend.

Hmmmm... he is an interesting one... although, I'm not sure that being lucky once will be the recipe for future success! On the other hand, I'm on the way to applying for a Metal card...


Metal is so cool!😉 they're also on Steem🔜 @metalpay

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I love how you combine your artistic talents with information and education on cryptocurrency, @jenina619. This was so interesting. I would not have otherwise known about Erik Finman! What an enterprising young man!


Thank you!🤓 glad you learn through my posts😄

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Hi @jenina619
I can't stop being surprised with your great art, again I congratulate you that great gift you have to capture the image then convert that into art is great.

I take off my hat and lean

Lanz Joseg


Thank you very much🙏

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Another good one! And I find Erik's story inspirational. He's a very clever young man and I hope he goes on to much more success.

He said bitcoin is bad these days 😂

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No one knows🙃 even "POMP"💩 lol 🤣

This is rock!


Yeah🎸 ehheh

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