New market for art and design.

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In all this time, since I started to publish sculptural pieces by pages that made digital galleries, even my step to the work of graphic design for small contracts, I had not seen anything so interesting as the market of ideas and its application to everyday products.


How did I know these platforms?

I work in the area of ​​Graphic Design in general, my specialty is Plastic Arts, but it is more profitable to work with design in small formats while I advance in my studies. One day, working in Fiverr, a client hired me to help him upload his works in two web pages of which I had previously heard but not used, I accepted the work, to soak in this and go to work.

The two pages are and

Small technical file:

Regarding the upload of the images, society6 was a bit tedious for me because you have to prepare format by format for each of the products, this makes accumulate a lot of information on the computer and if you do not have an adequate internet it will take a whole day upload all products for an art.

On the other hand only asks for the rise of art, and from this image you use an excellent online editor to manage and square all the products, it really makes it very fast and versatile!

When working with my client's art (which I really liked) I found a market with many possibilities

How do these platforms work?


Both platforms offer a series of fixed products, for Society6 are more everyday products, such as fees, bedding, curtains, towels, cartridge belts, bags. etc.

On the other hand, concentrates a little more on clothes, but they also offer pillows, pictures, purses, handbags, etc.

Artists or designers should only create an image with a pattern or art with their own style, the page is responsible for adapting these arts to a large number of media, to publish the products, to sell, to market, to deliver the products. Finally, the artist receives a remuneration for each piece, depending on its price and the price that the artist places for the use of his creative property.



This has turned this type of business page of creative ideas adapted to another creative level, I really find it quite curious, the new ways of marketing that exist for the field of arts, especially for painting and drawing. Previously, if an artist wanted to sell pieces of art, he had to put it on a platform and go to a gallery or art market to offer it. Now, this content or artistic expression is digitized and sold en masse by this type of pages, which certainly affect the unique / physical factor that the galleries possessed, but they also offer a source of income for artists who constantly produce content and who can be exploited for the consumption of the masses.

On the other hand, something that also makes me happy, is that people start to consume products with art of a better level, in my opinion. And simply do not concentrate on acquiring products in which a group of designers decided the pattern of your pants, and simply the clothes of your bed, and that they thought is the best for you and is just what you get in stores. It is true that what surrounds us affects us, whether or not there is a material attachment, but the fact of being able to choose (for example, a beautiful marine theme) for people who like and relax this type of things, is something that can really affect our sleep and performance.

Yes, maybe the exploitation and mass marketing has its counter, but in these times it is difficult to generate an income when you develop your artistic, plastic or simply artisanal faculties. This type of open market is an excellent opportunity and support for the globalization of art in general. (When I talk about art, I mean any creative branch)

So, I would like to see what happens with this, now I like to drink coffee at my favorite rate, from the artist that I have been following for a long time and finally I entered one of these platforms and I was able, somehow, to obtain something from his creative production and I can see her every morning, that relieves me a little the day!!!

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