JDraw... some FlowerBoy!!

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Ok, I've said that I won't post my jtrx99 H-drawings here anymore but I can't resist to share my last illustration as I thinks that's my best work so far!! So brace yourself for the "FlowerBoy X37B Type-3" 🤣🤣🤣

ZOOM you want to ZOOM

Drawing process

It all began with a random anatomic study as I try to progress in this field for my HammerJack Vampire comics project


first pen and paper ✍️

I liked the facial expression and the flower so I've decided to make a draft for a CG version


quick sketch version 🙊

Now that we know where to go, let's make serious lines and put flat colors


so clean!! 😳

Then I add a bit of background and worked on lines weight. A nice trick is to blur the lines a little to make them smooth


flowersssss 🌼🌼🌼

After that I tried to figure out the lighting from a general source and from above (sun) and use some overlays to create my first render



But the render revealed that's the midsection of this flowerboy was all messed up!! So I had to go back and correct the lines


no one will ever know it was a monster... 🐙

Adapting the render was tedious but the result felt more right


perfecto! 👌

To make it more soothing, I pushed the horizon back and add streams of warm light. A this point, something happened ⚡
I was trying hexagonal shapes to create crystals of light for a lens flare effect but after putting randomly four blue forms the Sci Fi nature of this scene struck me!🤖 So this FlowerBot could have been a Tyrell Corporation's pleasure product on an off-world and all I had to do was to add spaceships and giants worms attacking spaceships!! 🤯


and so I did ✨✨

After that, I just had to work on UI design and tweak a dozen of Photoshop filters to tame the crazy brightness and make the green hairs pop-up


and that's how you draw a FlowerBoy 😍😍😍

Bonus time!!

I'm thinking about redrawing this character with a green and white futuristic armor, and maybe assembling a strike team of Flower Boys but meanwhile here's some alternative colored off-world and skin tone colored versions





And lastly, my favorite, the ero-manga version 😆😆


boku namae wa Gurin!

Hope you've enjoyed this drawing post!

And if you want to tip (I like Money!):
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Hello squared peoples :)

Beautiful artwork, i liked all the different versions:) Looking forward for more:)


Hi @georgeboya, thks! your works are fine too :)

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