Suncity's Tales: Shapes Of Things -inking V1- P10

2년 전
in art

Finally, here's the last page of Shapes Of Things to Come in inking phase 1 😀😀


The End!!

Next phase consist of adding dialogue, correcting some wrong lines (not all obviously 🤣🤣) and coloring all the 10 pages in my Lazy Color Format (whit three level of brown to convey a minimal sens of deepness). 😀😀

This last year project helped me to stabilise Suncity Tales characters and my page making process so I can, this year, work on the big story : Hammerjack Vampire!!🧛‍🧛‍🧛‍

I've started to put down the mains ideas and I'm currently
in a layout battle to frame my synopsys (which have many aims and sub-stories) into chapters an pages and that's where Shapes Of Things to Come becomes handy as I will rehashe these 10 pages into a 3 pages introduction for the Dropout tone, guests and the relation between Hammerjack and Birdmaster!

More on Hammerjack Vampire soon!!🤣🤣🤣

Hope you've enjoyed this drawing post!

And if you want to tip (I like Money!):
BTC - 35PmvhT8ubch11DFyDcikBQjajkdNpBEep
ETH - 0x83507A4d57C01a19449a51AADab8D1AB198562F5


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  ·  2년 전

Nice page! I'm discovering your work and I'll go check for more. I like your page layout which is pretty dynamic with characters popping out. Also that wide shot of the crowd must have taken you a while! I'm impressed!


Salut @jrej ! de mon côté ça fait un moment que je t'avais dans mes abonnement et je me souviens avoir liké quelques unes de tes pages :)
Merci pour le com et, pareil, je vais essayer de plonger peu plus sur ton boulot pour pouvoir en parler.
Pour le backgound, avec la fin de la bagare, ça m'a pris 3h en la construisant au pif, en fait, si on compare avec les pages précédentes, les personnages ne sont plus tous aux mêmes endroits 😅

  ·  2년 전

Hehe désolé. Ca fait un bail. J'ai pas reconnu tes pages. Je suis retourné lire ton intro. C'est impressionnant ton travail de "world building". Tu as vraiment beaucoup de personnages et d'intrigues. Je vais continuer à lire pour en apprendre plus. En tout cas, tu assures!

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Thanks for passing by ;)