Suncity's Tales -side stories- Outsiders 01

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This week, let's check some outsiders, waiting to threat Lijan and enter in Hammerjacks life! 🐵🦅🦖!!


Wolfenbrat playing die panflöte

Inside the Space Shrimp, Wolfenbrat is pursuing his journey toward the cortex region, and he just found a pan flute. So he's trying it...


Teklan learning to die

Here's Teklan Quade remembering again, in his dreams, the day when Krakokakoxikarak reached Venus...
(his say here is a lyric by DUST)


Orson and the Archsphere

Now that Orson Quade have gather shadows from the the Unknown court and stole the Archsphere of Genduzi, he's starting to scan the Quades across the Metaverse, one by one, searching for Lijan Quade with Alerby as horizon!

To Be Continued!!

Hope you've enjoyed this drawing post!

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Each character seems to be really traveling through their paths and quite interestingly :) Wolfenbrat seems quite happy to take his time to enjoy a bit of music, Teklan is consumed with combative emotions, and Orson looks like he's doing very productive things :)


Indeed xD !! I hope it will make more sense in about 6 month when they'll join the great skim together ;)
Thanks as always for stopping by @veryspider !! I guess you're my n°1 audience 🤣🤣🤣

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Thank you!!!