Suncity Tales - Grinuk !!

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I'm still working on my chibi encyclopedia Volume n°3, so this week here's a minor enigmatic Suncity's entity instead: Grinuk the Techno-Gargoyle 🦇🤖



Grinuk is of course an offspring of the Techno-Vampire world. Directly designed by Orson Quade himself, the techno-gargoyle race serves as emissaries, relays and spies for the vampire organisation accross the galaxie.

Grinuk was one of the first Gargoyle designed and he quickly became obsolete with his antenna tail only reaching 3300 UA. So he was retired and deployed on Mars, that isingifiquant planet, as a dromant agent in case of need.
Grinuk is pretty sure that the Global System have forgot his existence but that's fine with him. Grinuk like the idea of being purposeless 😄

At night, silent traveler, he fly from city to city, above mountains and immense red canyons. In the lasts décades, he have witnessed Monstercity falls erruptions, the brutals games of Kangcity, the Necromancers rites of Mooncity, the Zero-Spheres of Zerocity and many more wonders, that he should have report to the Techno-Vampires.
But Grinuk just enjoys his watch. He has concluded, during his long solitary meditations, that he was right to be afraid to be involved in universe affairs.

During the day, Grinuk clutch on top of buildings and stay still like a statue. To perfect his camouflage, he place a "Don't ask me ask Grinuk" sign in front of him. This is superstition, techno-superstition, that an illogic proposition will discourage further inquiries 🤖🤣🤣🤣

In truth, their is so many strange things happening in Mars's cities since the Zone have emerged, that a metalics monster statue appearing from time to time is not a big deal...

For seven years now, Grinuk comes more an more often to a particular spot in Suncity. There's a shabby bar there, where strange folks, maybe due to the proximity of the Zone, act silly in ways that mesmerizing the Techno-Gargoyle.
Grinuk still can't figure out, but his sens of anomalies analyse spikes around the Dropout!

Drawing process


liework, pen and paper!

flat colors

harmonizing lights in night values

finaly, adding a dark blue overlay layer, erased around Grinuk's face


Hope you've enjoyed this drawing post!

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