Suncity Tales - working on backgrounds - 4 !!

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Another background in preparation for Hammerjack Vampire. This time we're not on Mars but inside the Space Shrimp ๐Ÿฆโœจ, and these is the kind of landscape that Wolfenbrat sometime run into, at a vessel turn.


with non euclidean pyramids!!

So, as the Space Shrimp goes to planet from planet to eat, many civilized worlds have been victims of its appetite. Often, parts of crushed civilizations survived inside the shrimp for millennials.
Some have found ways to leaves, building spaceships of scraps from wrecked techno-worlds. Many have perished, defeated by the shrimp immune system giant cells -coesysts-, but most of these leftover civizations just ended by anihilated themselves.
You see, living inside a nightmarish creature that plunges deep under the Veil of Reality as a way to travel in space is not very sound for keeping a sane mind.
As Wolfenbrat will find out...



Hope you've enjoyed this drawing post!

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