The paparazzi and the Meninas

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Madrid, as I suppose will also happen in many cities around the world, is a metaphorical Gordian knot, where anything is possible, except getting rid of the spell of its magic.


Unexpected encounters seem to be something in Madrid that begins to be so everyday, that sometimes I have the feeling, every time I leave home to go anywhere or meet any appointment, that an unexpected adventure is about to happen to me, waiting for me, as they say, around the corner.


What I least suspected this year, after the unpleasant circumstances derived from the coronavirus, is that once the quarantine was lifted, in one of my first trips to the Center of Madrid, it was going to coincide with some Meninas, which of course no longer he expected to see, unless he went to the Prado Museum and contemplated them as Velázquez conceived them in those glorious times, known as the Spanish Golden Age.


And yet, in a group and tremendously elegant, I found them in a magnificent entertainment venue, located opposite the Plaza de Colón, generously willing to please me with a posed, which, deep down, I can't help feeling like a real paparazzi chasing the celebrity.


NOTICE: Both the text and the photographs that accompany it are my exclusive intellectual property and therefore are subject to my Copyright.

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Fantástico hallazgo en el centro de la ciudad, son unas hermosas esculturas, y una manera interesante de hacer que el arte se transforme para permear las ciudades, para llenarlas de otro aire, abrazos amigo juancar.


Y también como medio de procurarse fondos para fines es que realmente terminaron sirviendo para eso. Quiero pensar que sí. Muchas gracias por tu comentario, mi apreciado amigo y un fuerte abrazo

Son hermosas las Meninas, entre todas me encanta la dorada.
Bellas fotografías
Un abrazo


Creía haberlas visto todas, más o menos, cuando estuvieron expuestas en las principales calles de Madrid, pero algunas, como la dorada, yo tampoco las conocía. En realidad, fue una buena iniciativa, pues al final de la temporada se subastaban y el dinero recaudado se destinaba a fines sociales. Por eso, me parecen doblemente hermosas. Muchas gracias por tu amable comentario y un abrazo desde Madrid.