CREATIVE COIN! A token and front end for artists, musicians and creatives <3

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With the arrival of tribes it was just a matter of time before we had one for creatives, and of course the lovely @swelker101 and @isaria are the ones who launched it!

The front end is but of course like any other tribe you don't need to use it if you don't want to, just add the creativecoin tag to your posts to be eligible for rewards!

The token symbol is CCC and airdrops to creative types should be imminent!

You can join the discord here:

We're entering a really interesting time on the steem blockchain where we have the ability to support our individual communities and I think it's super exciting!

If you haven't read the Creative Coin white paper please take some time to do so: White Paper


For all my art explosion peeps this part is especially important, since I have considerable stake in both PAL and CREATIVECOIN I can reward you both when you enter my contest, so please use both tags!

I truly would like to use my stake to support art and music as much as possible so don't forget to add them because I want to shower all you talented people with coins :)


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Tell me who made you cry and I will hurt them real bad.

Greetings, dear and honey @juliakponsford

Excelent idea!!! It will help a lot all people on steem that are linked with some tipe of art!!!

thank you and have a nice day!!!

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This is terrific to see. I think there needs to be a focus upon this creative types, those who lean towards the artistic end of things. It is uplifting to see groups of so many different types starting tribes and tying a token to them.

I hope this one takes off since I think there is a real need.


I think it will do well, it's in good hands :)

Genial amiga.

Maybe I’ll have to check this out!

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I know I'm excited about it!

Just put out my first video through the CCC front end last night.

You help make the art community thrive, thank you!


Woohoo, I'm so happy about this, it's been a long time coming!

Now all I need to do is write some creative posts...

love that pic!

Looks like we entered the 'Age of Abundance' ;>)
Which is pretty cool, as I just started a second 21 day meditation challenge around the theme of abundance. The first one already brought me loads of good stuff...

Thank you for everything that you're doing and have been doing for fellow creatives. You rock!

I am really happy that I stuck with Steemit and, like you, I can't wait to support more creative people in any way I can.

Um abraço

I just learned about Creative Coin and went to stake all of them that I got from the airdrop!


Awesome, welcome aboard!

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Hi, @juliakponsford!

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