Ocean of Art 47: Dive in and discover some promising new Steemit artists / Minnowsupport Curation Team

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To help promote and improve the artistic community here on Steemit I am doing a weekly curation! Most of the artists I have chosen are still minnows and are waiting to be discovered and others that I will feature have just plain impressed me! All of these posts will be voted on by me and also our new curation account msp-curation :)

First find this week is @ryo-6414! I have seen his work before and wanted to include him but he didn't have a new post, I really love his precision and detail, this piece is called Donkey Kongs King K. Rool and inspired by the video game!

Next up is @andrianna who made this gorgeous painting! I love all the touches of gold that really make it pop, you can see the whole process in the post below the image:


@romanie showed us this wonderful abstract oil on wood painting and discussed the process a bit. There are some really great close-ups in the post:


@sunshineyaya7 made this awesome pen and ink piece where they described a small shop called Mukho Harbor on the East Coast. I absolutely love this style and the final result:


Last up this week is @koto-art! This art was originally hand cut paper art and they made a digitized version of it, very interesting!


If you enjoyed these artists please give them a follow and some encouragement!
I would like to invite all the artists featured and those who are reading this to join the Minnowsupport Project! It's a great way to network, gain followers and chat with your peers in a more relaxed environment :https://discord.gg/p5tYmdW

Slothicorn is another great community for artists to collaborate on projects, join here: https://discord.gg/GWQHDdR

See my last curation: Ocean of Art 46

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Thank you for including me! This is nice post!!!


My pleasure, I would love to see more paper cutting art from you it's a really cool technique!


Thank you so much! Resteemed your post!!!

Thanks for doing these curation projects. I have no illustration skills at all and I gather an immense amount of creative energy seeing various arts. Beings able to find good content is still pretty difficult on steemit and these curation projects are indispensable.


Yes especially in this bear market less people are posting, happy I could help you find some creative energy :)

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this is an extraordinary art of painting.

Thank you for posting my picture!
I'm glad you checked my post! Thank you!🤗

Congratulations to the selected winners! The works of art that you bring are wonderful in truth it is a great job that you do to help those artists to grow in the community!

I've given them all a vote, but I'm pretty low on VP just now. Keep up the good work of helping the artists. Steemit is a great place for them to be if we can spread the word.


Thanks steevc thats very kind <3

Nice review of artist, I like the selection of artworks and the way you've written the article. Congrats.

I'm here for the king k rool

amazing.... You have extraordinary talent ... thank you @Juliakponsford for sharing their art with us. I congratulate you