๐ŸŽจ Dog Collection / animal drawings


Decided to do update of some dog drawings made last winter.
It started as commission work of a greyhound but it turned in whole serial of a dog drawings.
At that time, and still :) I was into pattern work, floral at that exact moment they seamed like a logical background for this kind of drawings.


My Steemit life brought me many knowledge, and interacting with fellow Stemians like @donnadavisart and @vermillionfox, I got myself into digital work editing. So, from simple drawings this images evolved into digital edits, and finally into digital print collection.


It was a whole new world to me. My nature of explorer and person hungry for knowledge was so happy and satisfied when job was done and first prints came out from the shop.
You know that feeling, '' I can't believe I made this '' :)))


Also, love for dogs was represented strongly and all those feelings for those amazing creatures just spill on paper.


Hope you like this little bunch of guys like I do.



Those interested in my work and prints can find me also here


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Absolutely amazing artwork. Love how you combined the pencil drawing with these backgrounds, which have a digital feel to them already. Totally thrilled with the possibilities of combining traditional and digital myself these days!


Thank you @reinhard-schmid, same here, I am playing like a child for some time :)

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O man that basset!!! These are badass :)

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i love this series, @jungwatercolor !!! each doggo is represented so well :D :D :D


Well, I love dogs so much, it think that love just went on paper :)

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These are supercool! I love those expressions the dogs have, they look as cute and funny as irl.

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Amazing art! The first dog looks so surprised and curious at the same time. My cousin has a similar dog and I can now see him in front of me with those BIG eyes! :)

Thank you for sharing!


Thank you foe leaving such nice comment @delishtreats :)

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They are amazing!!! Especially with the first one I fell in love at once!


Thank you @maysi-art, dogs are amazing by nature :)

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Lovely! Amazing! Ilove your style! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘