🎨 Forest Tales


My watercolor journey begun several years ago with ''Forest tales''.
At that moment I was in a mood where no figure in my paintings wasn't bringing me joy of creating.
Forest and trees were something I found my self calmed with and my mind drifted in that direction for some time.


Square shape is something that also came along with work. Size of 30x30 cm was and still is one of my favorite.
Not to small, not to big. Giving you enough place to play with and also not taking so much time as larger sizes do.

At least it's in my case with forests.

And still, while not doing figurative work, I tried giving trees some human nature, thinking about feelings, but here trees with shapes and colors were talking about them.


Moments of happiness, sadness or many others we go trough somehow I was more easily expressing at that moment trough this ancient creatures.
And strongly believed, and still do, that we have such strong bond with this ''creatures'' but our lives somehow got separated with people migrating into cities.

Being captured with portrait works again, now trees and forest still exist in my work, but now they are in background or living as pattern motives on them.


I put this images into frames, just as the way I frame them when finished, so you can have full experience.
Hope you liked this small forest story of mine.


Thank you for following, leaving comments and upvotes guys :)


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Oh @jungwatercolor, these are SO BEAUTIFUL. I love paintings of trees and wood. Some of my favourite Klimt are actually of trees (obviously I love his famous figures as well). These are amazing.

I'm still waiting to get settled so I can set up my new schedule and my new English studio, so we shall see. I am actually excited to do some plein air painting, which I haven't done in awhile, as I do so much digitally now. But there are some lovely foot paths and scenes an amazing country round these parts, so looking forward to it.

Again I really adore these forest scenes you have done, the colours! Ah, to die for.


Enjoy my dear, I would love to visit green England one day too :)
And Klimt, oh yes his woods are amazing, spend so much time in observing them.
Good luck with plain air painting, enjoy your time !
Waving from gray office to you dear @donnadavisart :))

So beautiful forests! I love the palette of colors and how the trees works on the painting! Like you, trees were something that makes me calm.


❤️ 🧡 💛 💚

These are almost like a beautiful and serene celebrations of colours and nature together, @jungwatercolor ! I love the calmness and gorgeous delicate style you were developing back then... It shows that there is a message and a voice inside of you that were seeking shapes...

I am glad that you heed them <3 Your current style is one of my favourites across Steemit!!! <3

Those are beautiful. I really love them all!


Thank you, and thanks for resteem :)


You’re quite welcome🤗

They are all wonderful. I like the first the best, but I'd be happy with any of them on my wall. Great work!

This is really beautiful and dreamy :)

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Thank you!

I like your magical forest. All of them are colorful and cheerful. It looks like they were painted by a very happy person :)

  ·  작년

Your lines and colors are amazing! This image is incredibly captivating!! Such a great work of art <3