🎨 Sparrow Keeper / watercolor step by step

3년 전

This lady kept me busy for several weeks.
I was working some other things in between, but she was present all the time.
It took lot of preparing for it, finding details and looking for composition.
I had idea in mind but this time I thought of bringing it to another level.
To stay in my way but make something more complex this time.


As those who are following my work here know, I have love for patterns, especially those coming from far East.
Something about those details make me calm and peaceful when painting them, sort of meditating.

You can see below that as usual first was pencil sketch, and for this kind of work it's essential.
Adding so many details needs to be put in correct way so pencil is best tool for something like that.


Sparrows are small fellows I observe every day at near tree I have next to office. They have their morning chit-chats and flying around I just adore to observe.
For some time I was thinking of bringing them into my art, so you can say they were triggers for this one.


Watching and searching for patterns on clothes I came to some images of Japanese kimonos with bamboo trees with sparrows.
That was final detail to finish story about this Sparrow Keeper.


Here are close ups of finished work.
Watercolors are mix of several I use, White Nights, Van Gogh and Schminke brands. From each of them I have some favorite colors so I mix them. Paper is Hahnemuhle Bamboo for mixed media.


Working on hands took some time, trying to make them as delicate as I could.


And here she is finished and already going to new home :)
Lucky for me it's going to one customer who already have my watercolors, so I am happy she is going to be loved in her new home.


Thank you for watching, leaving comments and upvotes guys, off to something new, this time thinking about sea and whales..


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So fun with the bird's nest hair!

Thanks to @anouk.nox, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!


Thank you :) And yes, that hair as a nest gave her fantasy touch, love to dream on paper @thedailysneak :)

I wrote to you on Facebook also, so whichever reaches you first:
Dear Dunja - I am presently about to write a critique of your work "Sparrow Keeper" on Artisteem - it will be crossposted on Steemit. But I need your permission to do so, considering copyright etc. While it would fall under "Fair Use", I nevertheless want your OK


My OK is big as house :))))

WOW ...Thats great fine detailed Waterpainting - like your style

Hi jungwatercolor,

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Thank you so much!!!

This is a lovely piece - very elegant. You are a master of watercolors.

upvoted, resteemed and shared: https://twitter.com/visionaryartcom/status/1059372925944582144


Wow, thank you @thermoplastic :) Going crazy lately in positive manner about patterns, Japan and fantasy. More is coming soon.
And I still have to learn and work to be a master, but thank you, it's nice to hear :))


I left a message on Facebook about this, just now. I like to write a critique of it that would also be crossposted on Steemit.

This is simply breathtaking, plus I love sparrows,I feed wild ones everyday in my terrace


O lucky you, they are such a cute creatures @yidneth :)
I also love owls, dreaming of living in some nature and have one in yard to call it a friend.

Great, you nailed it.

The hair is extravagantly beautiful but you know? What I find very tender and key in your work is the bamboo and its clothing, these two things in my opinion conceive the poetry of your art.

Cool, congratulations to you.


Thank you very much @fernando.lubezki :)

What a lovely and beautiful sparrow keeper she is :).
Her expression and the blue green colour and her orange hair look dreamy and ethereal.              
Congratulations for your curie vote, Dunja ^_^.


Thank you @scrawly, and @curie :)) well, surprise, happy one.


Absolutely amazing work! Very inspiring! The kimono is definitely stunning. I love how the bamboo ión the kimono comes to life in the background!
I kindof miss some depth in the hair, but maybe the lightness is needed to not make it too heave on her head ;D


Thank you and I love how you connected details I was paying attention to :)
Also, had similar thoughts about hair, but putting more shades and darkness into hair, and underling it, I was afraid of loosing that flame moment of her hair @frejafri.

Uf, perfektno! Svaka cast, nemam reci!


Hvala @miroslavrc, nekako se sve potrefilo ovde :)

Sjajno je! :)

Wow really great work :-) Her hair is very tall and big XD


Hahaha, yes I love those ''huge'' and wild hairs to paint @phoneinf :)


Thank you dear @stillwatersart, nice to hear from you, hope you are doing good :)

She is beautiful. Her lovely blue eyes are greatly contrasting with her amazing hair. Those birds sitting in her are cute. It looks like she loves birds as they are all over her.

I like that you gave a little bit of pink color to her cheeks and also those lose parts of her hair stuck behind her ears are nice part of the whole. I can't however read her expression. I don't know what she thinks. She looks mysterious.

I love your patterns and they are specific for you. I like when artists find something what is typical for them. For you it's your patterns :)

Thank you for sharing. Your painting is beautiful.


Thank you so much for this beautiful comment @delishtreats, it's always so interesting reading other people impressions about your work.
When I paint I go with a flow..Yes there is lot of thinking and preparation for some pieces, like this one, but at one point I just go ..
And yes, she is mysterious but also brave and determined in her guardian role of preserving sparrows and nature :)

This is a beautiful watercolour painting. I love everything from the big hair to the outfit and the birds. Well done.

Wow, her hair is magnificently stunning! It's funny that I just thought with its volume, I won't blame her sparrows if they make it their nest. But kidding aside, the very bright orange shade makes it very unique.

And her blue eyes! They seem to cast a command even with the sleepy and mild look.

It is good that the painting is going to a known customer with whom it will be taken cared of. How big is it by the way? Do you put it on frames before releasing?


This one is 50x32 cm, this amount of details is hard to make on smaller size, at least if you want to pay attention in work with them.
And sometimes I frame them, sometimes I don't, depends from the customer wish.
Thank you so much, glad you like it @macoolette :)


Oh yes, I can imagine how hard it's gonna be on small canvass.

Thanks for your clarifications and for sharing your beautiful painting. 😊

Wow! That's an incredibly beautiful painting. You do have a wild imagination and I love how that with your love for patterns did come together in this painting...

The look in her eyes speak of a strong yet sweet woman, she looks cute yet a bit mysterious. Oh, I think the birds and the hair are what added the mystery😀 but its all amazing!!

This lady sure did take your time but she turned out to be a beautiful work of art! The new owner is gonna love it. it feels great knowing your work will be treasure, right?


Yes, it's nice to know new owner and that your art is loved @audreybits, it means a lot.
Thank you for your nice comment :)

Wow this drawing it's amazing!

Such amazing detail and patience with the medium chosen. I never did had the patience to work with watercolors. But the medium can create awesome images when mastered and your work makes me reconsider trying them out again.

I really like what you did on the facial expression. It has a mystery to it, to me anyway. :D


Well, agree, watercolor isn't piece of cake but once you master basics and start playing with it, on good paper and quality colors, not to forget good paper, it's joy @adamada :)
Thank you !

Wow this is so beautiful!!!!!

Fabulous composition, great work, very clean.

I like the oriental themes and this one in particular fascinates me because the person is not oriental but the clothes if what gives it a different touch, adding the sparrow that I love to photograph them.

I really like how you get the kimono print and the stylized hairstyle of the lady with the sparrows. great. and the background with the bamboo forest. fabulous.

Very well achieved the piece, you know I resemble a little symbolism immersed in the picture? to the representations of San Francisco de Asis, which was worshipped by animals.

Thank you for sharing this watercolor, I hope to continue seeing more of your incredible work.

greetings, peace and love


Thank you so much for this beautiful comment :) And you noticed well, I love to add some symbolism and fantasy touch in my work. I love to joke, like fairy tales for grown ups :)
And more is coming soon, I got hooked @arrozymangophoto!

This is immersing in its detailing. I've never been one to wield a brush but I know talent when I see it. And you, my friend, are talented.

I'm thinking you had it themed around some oriental maiden. Something Japanese. Right?

Congratulations on the curie upvote

Steem on



Yes yes, Japan is my passion, especially their patterns on clothes and paintings.
Thank you so much and I am happy to hear each time someone likes my art @iamthegray :)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

I feel that I am a fan of watercolors, it is amazing what can be done with them and how complicated it is to do a job like this, beautiful work I loved the process that you showed us so thank you for that, the final result is beautiful. . A big hug @jungwatercolor


Hah watercolors. Even me with my absolutely non-artistic eyes wasable to say it immediatelly. That its been done with watercolors. They just look different than anything else :)

Btw. This young lade got me puzzled. She's suuuperhot first of all hahhah :D But I'm wondering - where is she from. Cuz that dress has kinda japanese feel to it. But she aint looking Japanese at all haha :D Anyway, she's absolutely georgous so I'll take her as my new GF all day :D I know I know..love should be above heart. But hey - those birds aren't afraid of her, so she's for sure a good person. That's enough for me :)


Hhahaha, this is first time someone asks my painting to be his GF, but you should ask her yourself :)
Glad you like her THAT much @matkodurko :)


And in which country should I be looking for her? Where is she from? :D

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From the Land Beyond :)

que buena pintura amiga me encanta como le pones los pájaros y el bambú le da mucha a vida a la pintura y su pelo una idea única gusto en como lo hiciste te felicito por el gran trabajo @jungwatercolor

what good painting friend I love how you put the birds and the bamboo gives a life to the painting and your hair a unique taste idea in the you did congratulations for the great work @jungwatercolor

Wow beautiful painting. I like how you put red hair and make a show in his hair putting it as a nest for birds very creative congratulate your hair called a lot of attention.

Masterful, @jungwatercolor. This watercolor has such a light and airy feel to it, like a dream. It's interesting how you find the Eastern motifs soothing and comforting, yet the woman herself seems more European, certainly Caucasian of some kind. Red/orange, hair, blue eyes, white delicate skin. Very beautiful. Everything about her is wondrous.

It's a good thing she's going to a home where she can be appreciated. She, the birds, the kimono, the bamboo—they all deserve it.

And you very much deserved the curie. Congratulations. :)


Thank you @glenalbrethsen :)
Yes she will be loved, that customer already has one my watercolor lady, now she will have a friend on a wall :)

She is lovely. I always love your ladies and of course their brillant fabric. I think we have such similar sensibilities we'd be great studio mates! If only I could pop down the road or go next door to see some of my favourite steemit artists in their studios!

The colours, the hair, the amazing patterning, that bamboo, there is so much wonderful in this piece. And of course I am always partial to gingers when I paint my ladies as well (well at least my paintings, my black and white drawings always have brunettes ;) )

And I am SO happy you got a @curie vote as well. Oh, how I wish I was @curie sometimes, how I'd love to play fairy godmother to so many of the artists on Steemit. One can dream, I suppose. Well you always get my vote, not matter how tiny :)


O dear, just imagine, working and sharing space together..And than have coffee and cigarette breaks :)
And talking about art, ideas, life...Nice dreams @donnadavisart :)
I totally understand that wish to be a curie fairy :) It would be nice to make people happy that way :)

Absolutely stunning, @jungwatercolor! The design, colours and composition are wonderful <3 The contrast between her orange hair and the blue/green dress, aaaahh beautiful and elegant !!! And I love how you place the bamboo forest as her background. Simple but very wonderful as they frame all the aspects together <3

Congratulations for curie, too <3


Thank you @veryspider, bamboo and sparrows go so well, Japanese know what's good :)

Absolutely beautiful. Impeccable work... love all the details and smoothness ... and the face is so expressive!
Just brilliant 🌟

This is extraordinarily good. The face, the hands, the hair, the idea . Such delicacy... Really admire your skills with watercolours

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Thank you @longer, same goes for your work !

I loveeee the painting @jungwatercolor. I like the softness of the colours and the oriental touch of the bamboos and the dress. And the sparrows are such cute additions to the hair. You are very talented and thank you for sharing your art and process with us. It is totally inspiring to see great artists at work :)


I am happy to hear that my work inspires, and for me that's the pure meaning of art, to share and maybe help some new art gets created @marblely :)

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I looove the colors and patterns! And the birds are so incredible cute! :)


Sparrows are cutest @lioba, love to watch them when ever I can :)

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Thank you, sure will look into it :)

It's an Amazing Piece! every detail makes you admire a good time and marvel, when I read the step by step I felt all the love and dedication that you put to achieve this great work of art.


Thank you @akarantain, step by step may be of help to some other artists, so I love to share it as much as I can :)

Lovely piece! How much work as detailed as this would cost?


Thank you @igster ! Depends, if you ask about money :)
If you are interested in my work you can see more here

Woah!! this is beautiful! I can understand why you have a client so quickly for this....LOVE IT!!
She really is beautiful.
Let me ask you something though, is she a western girl?


Yes she is, I love to mix things @towjam.
Thank you :)

So beautiful!

Looks appealing and gorgeous =)

It turned out so beautiful and soft! Amazing work. Very interesting how you drew her hair together with the birds and I love the kimono pattern :)

Can I ask regarding the paper - did the paper wrap, since it is mixed media one? Do you flatten your paper somehow after you are finished painting?
Upvoted, lovely work :)


This kind of paper is 300gr heavy, and it wrinkles just a bit, on places where I use lot of water, but at the end I out it under something , books etc to get flatten, but it doesn't wrinkle a lot.
Be free to ask what ever you wish to know about watercolors, my pleasure is to share knowledge I have by now.
Thank you for leaving comment @hentikage.

Woah :o I love the pattern on her cloths, a nice detail.


Thank you @william-syrus, totally crazy about patterns lately :)

this is beautiful. the color palette is well thought out

Oooh....she is so beautiful. I love the combination from (nearly) red hair and the green tones. Wonderful face and the patterns turned out great!

That is a real masterpiece, you are so good in your technique of watercolor, it is enough just to see the painting and it is easy to recognize your style and that is what makes an artist distinct. I am really surprised with the complexity of the painting that you created and it is really absolutely beautiful!!!


Thank you @stef1. More is coming soon, I been away from Steemit for days since I am ''cooking'' in my head new pieces :)