Wish 12. A mouse with a guitar

2개월 전

Sometime you have to clean up, get to the bottom of every pile and fulfill all the promises, so... this is the twelfth AND LAST New Year's wish come true - and proof of realness for my part. It is all explained in this post:

From all of me to all of you! Free wish for a drawing.

The pleasant and guitarplaying @steevc, the most community friendly person on Steemit and a stout defender of reason on a sometimes absurdly unreasonable network has asked for: A mouse with a guitar.

Here is my version:

A mouse with a guitar

And as a bonus you also get the ink layer.

So at last I have finished what I started. I will make a post to wrap it up with links to all the drawings. Happy New Year!

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Nice finish, bravo! I enjoyed the whole project and all drawings. Hey, you know what? The new New Year is almost upon us, maybe it's time for some more wishes?


Well, maybe.

I have become aware of some strange angles in my living room that I have to look into. It seems the carpenter has done some strange things with those floor panels, and I think that the dog size cockroaches with human hands are coming in that way. I have to look into it. I have to.


You know, you really don't have to... sounds normal to me. Unless the human hands do not sprout from the cockroaches' eyes as usual....


Yes, normal... but they eat my books!

Well done, sir. A plan seen through is a happy thing. There is nothing I like better then to check off a list and you've just ticked the last box on a wonderful one.

I love this in colour and his expression is priceless.

I'm afraid my coming Winter list is simply being filled in with nary a check to be seen...I'll get there.


I have made rather a lot of those check offs lately. Fixing things with the taxman that doesn't understand crypto, fixing a comic manyscript I am making with some friends, fixing some paid jobs, fixing this... but the pile of things needing fixing is still monumental - enormous - Sisyphus size.

Love it! Always good to see an accurate rendition of a guitar. That mouse looks like he's been working out.

Now, what is he playing? Mouse of the Rising Sun? Cheese Release Me? Tails from Topographic Oceans?


HAHA! that is a golden comment! I think he might be playing this. That was the one I was thinking about when drawing. My brother and I inherited a lot of old 45 rpm records and this was one of our favourites. We were pretty flabbergasted when we heard it the first time.

Great work!
@tipu curate


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J'adore cela en couleur et son expression n'a pas de prix.
J'adore! Toujours bon de voir une interprétation précise d'une guitare. Cette souris a l'air de s'être entraînée.