Wish 7. A cockroach in knight's armour or a female yoga teacher with a beautiful big ass.

2년 전

This is the seventh New Year's wish come true - and proof of realness for my part. It is all explained in this post:
From all of me to all of you! Free wish for a drawing.

@schabenstolz, has asked for: A cockroach in knight's armour or a female yoga teacher with a beautiful big ass. I have made both.

I am not sure about the Yoga pose, I imagine that I have seen something like this. These guys can do incredible things. After the armour I didn't have it in me to put cloths on the poor girl, but I think I read about nude yoga being in fashion in New York, so this must be the explanation.

The image is hereby declared Creative Commons -by, which means it is free to use and modify.

This work is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Attribute - Katharsisdrill - Link to: https://www.datataffel.dk/u/katharsisdrill

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I am just seeing this this morning and it is giving me 1000 smiles. I love how bulbous you make her appendages, buttocks and the drippy hair. Interesting highlight on the back end as well :)

I have seen a similar nude yoga pose before at a beach at Gomera. The cockroach has definitely also turned out great. Wonder, what "he"' is thinking. Would be great for a "caption this" ;-)


I would like to hear the fairytale that it illustrates, now i come to think of it.


It definitely has something Kafka would have appreciated. Maybe the cockroach has been gone through a metamorphosis, too...

What a funny situation and the look of the cockroach ... xD. The double armor and all the weapons seem useless in the face of the naked yoga teacher. ^^

Very nice drawn, I like it. Incidentally, I do not miss the clothes of the young lady either.

Thank you very much. :)


Yes, there was something funny in the combination of the two :)

Lol Yoga pants were already the closest thing to being nude now its full nude when will it end? Skinnless yoga?